Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Emily Time!

We are trying to spend more time at home and cut down on the running around (a bit)!

We had a quiet day at home. Grandpa worked while babysitting our sweet baby!

She loved her time with Grandpa!
Katie and I ran a quick errand and we were back in 30 minutes!

Emily enjoyed time on her play mat!

Her eyes are open more often now!

She listened intently to the new sounds!

And is trying her hardest to see where the noise is coming from!

At this point she is only seeing contrasting colors.

We are loving our time with her!
(but of course miss the other children at home)

Her eyes are a muddy blue color. Katie and Andrew have green/ brown hazel eyes.
We have brown, blue, hazel and green in the families!
Excited to see what color she decides on!

God bless you sweet girl!

She loved my shirt with the contrasting black and white!!

Okay... we are done with play time - she's starting to cry...

Oops- false alarm!
We are okay after all!

A bath, diaper change, a feeding and a new outfit!
We are good to go!!

It's been a glorious few days!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sightseeing in Stuttgart!

Emily is very portable right now!
Easy to carry around and very little fussing!
However, she had a tough night so we tried to do less on Day 2...
It didn't work as planned but it was a good effort!

Remember all the gear you need for a baby!
how much longer everything takes ;-)

Katie and Andrew handle it so well and we try to help out as much as possible!

 We visited one of the local castles!

Schloss Solitude was the name of the castle and it was beautiful!
In Germany everything is closed on Sundays so family's spend the day together
(no shopping, no errands) and the day will often include a hike!
I love this about Germany!

They had horses on the grounds surrounding the castle, they are so beautiful!

I am thinking about taking horseback riding lessons with some of our children!
Sarah and Ava are doing it now. Mia, Melissa and Mom are thinking about joining them!
In our family, whoever gets to ride horses, "gets" to do the doggy poop pick up at home!
It's the price you have to pay for the privilege of riding horses!

I did a little riding when I was younger... a lot lot younger!
Wonder if I get even get up on the horse now???

On the way home we stopped at Rubble Hill.

After WWII they dumped all the rubble from the buildings that were bombed on top of this hill.

It has now grown over and has become a place to rest and reflect on all that happened during the war.

65% of Stuttgart was destroyed during WWII

We ended up stopping here because Katie needed to feed the baby- I am so glad we did.

There is so much history in Germany...
All over the city are small plaques on the sidewalk where people were "last seen"...
 How awful it must have been for the families of the missing people... 
It is in memory of all that happened and a reminder that it can never happen again...

It overlooks the city of Stuttgart.

Praise God that beauty can come from such evil...

This cross is at the top of the hill...

And then it was time to make our way back down.
Hubby and I enjoyed the time with Andrew.

I promise...
there will be way more pics of Emily in the next post!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Meeting Emily!

Hubby and I are in Germany!
It is beautiful here!
Spring has sprung!

And we have finally been able to hold our precious Granddaughter!
She is beyond beautiful!!

It was a lovely day outside so we spent much of it out in the fresh air!
Emily snoozed most of the time!

This is such a treasured time!
I really can't believe it!
I am holding my granddaughter!

Sorry Emily!

Hubby is such a proud Grandpa!

Her shirt says
"I love Grandpa!"

Praising GOD for this time with Emily, Katie, Andrew and of course, Penny!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Have Been Busy...

Looking for dresses for our June wedding!

Matt and Caitlin are busy planning it!

Lace and eyelet are "in" this year!

Aren't they "in" every year!
Seriously, who ever tires of lace and eyelet!
It's always beautiful!
(God Bless our sweet Emma's legs… they are always scarred and tattered… it hurts my heart but their is nothing I can do about it...)

And here is Mia's dress!
I ordered them online and was thrilled that they all fit!!

The boys will be in khaki pants and yellow checked shirts!
The wedding is nice but comfortable, it will be held outside in the mountains of Colorado!!

These two have lost another tooth!
(the tooth fairy is getting tired!)
Abby's are already growing in and they each have two more loose teeth!

And our sweet Emily Kathleen continues to grow and change!
Here she is leaving the hospital and below…

She is one week old and resting on her daddy's military clothes!

So precious and so perfect!

And the newest pic has her going outside in the fresh air for a short walk with Mom and Dad!

Very soon this Grandma will be holding her- so thankful!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our April Birthdays!

Anna has counted down the days to her birthday!
She has been very excited to turn 8 yrs old!
She has been home for almost 7 years (in August)- the time has flown by…
Oh my goodness, what a treasure she is… what a treasure they all are!

And it was so nice to see our older boys- they have been very busy so we have not had much time with them lately.
The little boys are all over the big boys- as if they were jungle gyms!

Mark and Anna are our April Birthdays!

Anns was so excited to get her very first American girl doll!
She chose Isabelle!
Now all the girls have an American Girl doll!
Anna was the last one to get hers!

Mark got lots of special drawings!
Some were stapled, some were taped and others were glued securely shut!
It makes it challenging to open!

Good job Sammy!
And as an added bonus Mark got a shoulder rub!

The children had to run outside to see Anna's last present!
It was a very exciting moment!

Plus it was 60 degrees out a little earlier so they ran outside without their shoes on!
We are so ready for SPRING!

She is thrilled with her new bike!

Happy Birthday Anna and Mark (and Isabelle)!

What a crew this is!
We are BIG, we are loud and we are energetic!
Well, at least they are ;-)

Happy Birthday to YOU! 

No, YOU!
Thankfully there is no audio on these posts!
We will never be a singing group!

And she blew out all but one!
I guess she has a boyfriend that we don't know about!

Our birthday parties are very busy- when we are done the hubby and I are exhausted!
BUT, we always have a ton of fun!

Goodnight Anna and Isabelle!
Sweet dreams!