Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Name Game Continues!

Hubby and I have talked, prayed and talked again about our little guys name.

We love all of your suggestions!
They were so helpful!

At this point our favorites are


 Simon too!?!

(Photo from when he was a little younger)
Toes taste good!

Middle name options are 

We are looking forward to officially naming him!!

And then,

getting him home!

Our process is going much slower than usual 
; - (

Partially because we are busy with our kiddos at home.
Also because we got rid of everything from our previous adoptions
because ya'll know

we. were. done.



And because some of the steps are taking a bit longer nowadays…

Trying to be patient.
Trying to realize this is GOD's timeline.
And HIS timing is perfect.
Okay, I'll try that again.
And HIS timing is perfect!!!

Our sweet little boy is from a place where we were able to get some pics of him!
Now, that's a day maker!
Our darling Grace…
is not…

Although we did get a new pic of her!
We will show that later!

Praising and thanking OUR LORD!!


We gotta name him!

Monday, September 15, 2014

More From Our Week With Emily (and her family)!

Oh my goodness, do we love our baby!

Sarah loved holding Emily!
She was such a huge help when Katie was busy or on errands!

Emily even watched a little bit of TV!
But don't tell her Momma!
(Shhhhh- she really likes TV!! Only preschool learning shows of course!)

Andrew joined us mid week!
It is always so wonderful to spend time with him!

Andrew, Katie and Emily came for their friends wedding!
 Cori and David were married on August 29th!
It was such a beautiful wedding and a wonderful evening!

We all went to Johnny's game a couple days later!

A future soccer player!

Thank goodness we found a spoon for our baby girl!

It worked much better then trying to squirt it in her mouth!

More please!

We had lots of eager helpers!

Over the weekend we had a family gathering!

Lucky (Laukii) helped the little kids with their legos!
We quickly rescued her ; - )
and brought her back to the adults!

This little one gets lots of loving from her parents!
(and her Nana and Papa!)

We completely adore this sweet baby!
We could see her make developmental progress just during the week she was at out home!

Once she got home to Colorado she rolled over and sat up in the same week!

The kids love Kelly !
And it is obvious that she adores them, too!

Johnny got a sprained ankle in his soccer game.
Sarah and Mia took good care of him!

The big kids make fun of me because I take soooo many close ups (hey, I don't have time to crop the photos)!

Do you think this photo of us, is close enough?

The big kids ate in the dinning room.
(We missed Matt and Caitlin.)

The "little littles" all ate together!

And the oldies and the "big littles" ate together!
Yes… I was at this table!

Mark and Lucky brought the dessert- Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

It is such a joy to have the big kids home with the little kids!

Andrew and Sam put together one of Sam's bday gifts.
It was a bit harder/ more complicated than we thought it would be…
Thank you Andrew!

 We had a cookout on the last night.
This never gets old!

Johnny, Katie, Andrew and Emily joined us!

We even opened a celebratory bottle of wine from Emily's Baby shower!

Joey is blossoming and it is soooo great to see!

It is so much fun being outside and relaxing while the children are playing!

And then we have out cookout!
Gourmet hot dogs on a fresh bakery bun
Juicy red grapes right off the vine
Homemade potato salad
and more!
(I'm not lying… it was homemade by someone, just not sure who?)
Okay, okay… I'll stop!

Very thankful for these 4 girls!
They are always so helpful and they are so much fun!

Obviously, the kids in the front row are having fun but my favorite part is Katie in the background loving her sweet baby girl!

And then it was my turn!
I love being a Nana!
And a sleeping baby makes it even more wonderful!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Waiting Treasures!

First- I have to say THANK YOU for all of your responses to our name game!
So many great names to choose from I can hardly wait to tally them up and give you all "the short list" of the names we are considering!

As we prayed over adopting again we found that there were so many other waiting treasures…

Beautiful children without families…
It's heartbreaking…
It should not be like this…

We are are all called to serve God in some capacity. 
If you find that your passion is in line with "HIS will"- go for it!
God will open the doors and lead the way!

Adoption is not for everyone but it sure is a fun way to serve our Lord!

Here are some of the kiddos that tugged at our heartstrings-

This list is from Lifeline Children's Services
click on the name and the link will take you to their site!

This is Monica.
She is 2 yrs old and has CHD
(congestive heart disease)
I love her hairdo!
She needs a Mommy and Daddy to read her stories and tuck her in bed at night.
She also needs to go to a doctor when she comes home so they can figure out how to help her sweet little heart.
Just found out Monica has a family!
Praise GOD!!

Meet Shiloh!
She is 28 months of cuteness!
Shiloh has CHD and she is in need of a Mommy and a Daddy!

This is Rose. I love the pucker on her lips! 
She has rickets and also has a potential for brittle bone disease.
There are many different forms of brittle bone - I met a friend this summer who's daughter has this. She is a smart little girl and is very active running around. Her family adores her!
Rose is absolutely precious!

Sweet Nathan is 4 yrs old!
Four years old is a great age for adoption especially if you are seasoned parents(like us)!
He is post op Hepatoblastoma.

Little Zann is a happy baby!
He was born with congenital hydrocephalus.
I do not know if he has a shunt or not? 
His diagnosis can be confirmed by sending a copy of his file to an adoption clinic.

Daniel is 6 yrs old and he has no special need…
I cannot believe he has not been scooped up already.
Please consider adding this delightful little boy to your family!

Douglass is 12 yrs old.
 When he is 14 he will no longer be able to be adopted.
He is listed as having a blood disorder.
Not sure which one but many of them are very minor and all of them are manageable!

I love Zeb!
He is a smart 6 yr old boy with a minor special need.
It is listed as Crytochordism.
He has a wonderful video where he speak clearly in and writes some Chinese characters on the palm of his Nanny's hand.

hans update 2 (431x640)

This little guy is named Hans!

Hans is only 3 years old and is listed as having down syndrome.

A person that met him had this to say-
He is the sweetest little boy! He is extremely smart! He has a very extensive vocabulary, and he is potty trained. At three years old, he does not seem to have many delays at all. He is currently in a foster home, and it seems that his foster mom treats him as a child with no special needs. He is extremely high functioning for a child with down syndrome. He likes to talk, but he is shy around those he does not know. I know this is jumbled, but this little guy stole my heart!

Just go to Lifeline Children's Services for more information on the precious kiddos 
AND to see their videos!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Help! He Needs a Name!!

I have never been at such a loss for names…

I always have an idea of what the "next  name" might be.
this time!

So many names would work for this little guy!

I'm thinking we could pretty much call him anything!

a name is required!
So please help us!
Let me know your favorite boys names and what name you think fits him!

We will narrow it down in another post and then we can have the final vote!

Remember we have already used-
Matthew, William, Patrick, Mark, Andrew, John, Thomas, Benjamin, David, Samuel, Joseph, Michael, and Luke.

We have also used Jacob and James(as a middle names) but they are names we are considering.

Soooooo, let's have some fun!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Our little boy!

He will be coming home with our Grace!

We are so excited to be blessed with this sweet, sweet boy!

He was being advocated for by a friend, when we saw his pic…
He caught our eye right away-
 that smile,
the twinkle in his eye,
I think he is going to get into a little mischief, what do you think?
We can't wait to get him in our arms and never let him go!

I couldn't believe he didn't have a family yet…
But of course he didn't…
 because WE ARE his family!!!

He just turned 5 years old and he will be our youngest!

So many more treasures are waiting.

Hidden diamonds in the rough.

Maybe one of them is yours!

All of our younger kiddos are so excited!
Especially Ben, Sam, Joey and Luke!
Look out girls! The boys are catching up!
(The bigs are happy for us, too! They take it all in stride! 
And right now they happen to be doing some pretty interesting things themselves!)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Momma's and Their Babies...

Our time with Katie and Emily was beyond wonderful!
It is such a joy to see them!
We are so thankful they are in the USA now!

Emily is working on sitting up!
It looks like we are going to need to work on our core muscles!
You and me both, baby!

The children are in awe of Emily!

They just can't take their eyes off her…

I have to be honest…
they closely watch Katie and how she interacts and cares for Emily.
They learn through watching…
the also grieve for the love, the care and the TLC that they did not get as a baby.
Some of the kids are very verbal about it while others are quiet and seem to be processing it all in their head.

Especially Sarah and Mia…
It takes them a few hours to days to warm up and want to be part of the excitement.
My natural inclination is to protect them- don't talk about it and don't think about it…
 but it is best for them to see how parents love and teach their babies.
I reassure them how loved they were and are!

They seldom bring up their birth parents but after talking to a friend we(Hubby and I) have decided to be more proactive in discussing their past.

I would have thought if they don't talk about- then we won't bring it up
it has been brought to my attention that ALL adopted children/ teens/ young adults at some point will have to deal with the issues of abandonment.

In the beginning I didn't feel we were secure enough in our relationship to discuss it in depth.
And I mean me as well as them...

But we all have come a long way and we are secure and we are ready to discuss some of the hard topics.
I wish I had answers for them, but I don't.

We have reassurance, we have love, we have prayer and we have hope that each one will be able to work through their thoughts and concerns in a healthy way.

There is nothing like a Momma and her baby!
Whether it's through adoption or through birth…

It's just a beautiful thing no matter which way it happens!

It helped Sarah to be able to hold Emily and to be part of helping her instead of watching from the sidelines…

So thankful for this precious young family!