Thursday, October 1, 2015

Name the BABY!

There's always a welcoming committee at our house
that consists of many happy and excited children!

So when Katie and Emily arrived it wasn't a quiet event!

Our sweet little girl had lots of snacks while she was on the plane!
Anything to get through the 2.5 hour flight!
Traveling is getting more challenging for Katie,
Emily is still on her lap but she wants to move about!

Katie worked throughout the week and the children and I babysat!

I promise we only watched a little bit of TV!
And of course- all pre-school learning shows!

She loves playing with the toys at Nana's house!

And there may have been a few open mouth kisses given to the doggies?
Yuck! Don't tell Katie!

This toy has been around forever and is still loved!

Everybody needs some outdoor time!

Yep, there really is a balancing toy eagle on her toe!

She put on quite the show for all of us!

Nursery rhymes, clapping


and laughing, all at once!

Whew, what a workout!
Her audience love it and cheered her on!

Then it was off to the apple orchard while the rest of the world was in school!
(We start school in late July so we can take days off here and there!)

Katie met us at the orchard and brought her camera for a photo session!

And I couldn't resist this opportunity!

Emily was first in the log but all the kids got their turn!
See the my side bar!

Kathryn Lee Photography just keeps on working while we keep on playing!

If I take a picture of Luke...

I have to a picture of Joey...
and vice versa...
They keep tabs!
Pictures, hugs, kisses, thumbs up, pretty much everything!

Ava is a very patient and gentle babysitter!
She adores Emily and Emily adores here!

And guess who surprised us at the orchard!
Yay Papa!

It was impossible getting all 14 to look at me and smile at the same time!
They all wanted to watch Emily!

Love this little house at the orchard!

And now,
We need your HELP!

We need a name for Grand baby girl #2!
The parents are out of ideas and the Nana...
 may have taken many of the great little girl names!
We are not opposed to reusing one of the Aunties names- we love them all!
Please post your ideas in the comments or on FB!

THANK YOU soooooo MUCH!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hello Chicago!

Our Johnny plays college soccer, 
so we took a road trip to watch him and the team!

The other players on the team love the kids!

And the kids love them!

So we did lots of cheering and lots of high fives!

All of the children got purple Tommie gear so we can support the team!

It is so heart warming to see how much they love their big brother 
and how much he loves them!

This was the first time we ever saw
"a praying mantis"
in person!
It was HUGE!

The team won their first game 1-0 against Elmhurst!

We had the second day to ourselves to "site see".

FYI, in MN -
everyone goes to their cabin on Labor Day weekend!
We LOVE it when everyone goes up north and
we have the town to ourselves!

we learned that's not the way it goes in Chicago!

In Chicago...
EVERYONE goes downtown...

We had quite the fun day planned with 
hopes of seeing 2-3 sites
within a day...
Very wrong!

It took us 2.5 hours to get to the top of the Sears/Willis Tower.
We could have gotten the "fast pass" (for 15) but then hubby would need a second job.

We were happy to finally get to the top and snap a few pics!
It was a little hazy outside but the view was still amazing!

110 stories tall and it's the tallest building in the USA!

The had a "glass" viewing area the projected out of the side of the building.

We went site seeing in Chicago with the older kids (14 years ago).
But we chose a less busy weekend and were able to do so much more.

By the look on Emma's face she must be thinking
"Why is my Mommy doing this to me?"
Sweet girl is not so sure this is a good idea!
Actually, it made me nervous too!

We spent a half hour up there and then decided
 we would drive through part of Dwtn just to point out a few sites to the kids.

Once again,

The traffic was horrendous!
And we headed out of town as fast as we could!

So instead...
we went to the movie

It was the BEST movie!
Most of our kids loved it!
A few wondered when will the cartoons start!
And one little guy took a nap in his Daddy's arms!

I shared a bed with Melissa.
Melissa does not snore or kick...
so I thought!

It's just not a vacation without a morning evacuation!
Possible fire on the third floor.

The first thing I did was gather the children and ask
were any of you in the hallway?
Did any of you pull the fire alarm?
Once I knew we were in the clear, we evacuated!

The next day the team won their second game against Puget Sound 3-2, in overtime!

We ate Chicago Hot dogs and Chicago style pizza!
The last day we had a wonderful dinner at Ditka's 
with Johnny to celebrate the team winning the tournament!

Johnny finds it relaxing to spend time with his family!
We love that!

we will be back...
when you're less crowded!