Friday, October 10, 2008

Let It Please Be Them!

For 2 days our phone has not rang... that is very unusual. Most of the time I would consider this a blessing- finally peace and quiet! It just so happens at this point in time I WANT IT TO RING! I keep singing that song in my head (with a few modifications)- "let it please be them, dear Lord it must be them or I shall cry, or I shall cry. HELLO, HELLO, Dear God it must be them but it's not them, that's when I cry, that's when I cry..." 
When my cell phone rings I am totally bummed out that it is my dear husband or one of our dear children. I love you but I don't want to hear from you right now. All I want is that very special phone call from our agency! I see families making their travel plans, the dates are getting later and later into November. I look ahead on the calendar, it looks like for us travel time will probably be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bringing home our daughter is a priority- I will travel anytime to get her! However, the wait is getting to me. Our LOA represents so much- in the eyes of the Chinese Gov't we will be seen as Ming Ming's parents and family. I need that reassurance that she is ours! I have thought of her as ours since last December, we are longing for it to be official! 91 days and waiting...

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Lori said...

Jean, I totally understand the phone call thing! When our agency finally called I was crying as I answered it and I didn't even know for sure at that point why they were calling! But thankfully, it was THE call!

I'm prayin' for ya sister!