Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh My! I've been tagged again!

I don't know how to put the tag thing on my computer- so when my big boy- Matt comes home I will have him help me! Actually Mark is coming home to visit this weekend so he could help me too! It will be so great to have him home for a couple days! We miss him. Anna will love seeing him!

Sometimes when we are all sitting around talking one of the kids will say "okay, let's talk about something different... let's talk about me".  I think everybody has a little need to share about themselves - and it a good thing for the kids to verbalize this need, especially in a big family!
There are a couple kids that say it more often than the others (nhoj and eitak- secret code). Well, guess what kids!! It's mom's turn! 

Okay so here are 7 more interesting and weird things about me-

1. When I look back at my past jobs I can't believe how perfect they were for me. Each one has been such a blessing and I learned and enjoyed them so much! I have been a nurses aid for the elderly, while in college. Then an RN in OB, newborn nursery and Labor and Delivery unit at a local hospital. After that I was a school nurse and taught health in a level 5 special ed program for teens.  Then I was a public health nurse for newborns and their mothers. Of course my favorite job was being home for 14 yrs. with our children! When I needed to go back to work the dear lord blessed me with a job at a local private school as a school nurse, only 2 miles from my home! I worked with wonderful faith filled people and I loved the children and families at the school! After working 4 years God again touched our lives with the opportunity to be home again and begin an adoption! Alleluia!! Now we are adopting again! Another alleluia!

2. I really like sweets! I have 2 dessert a day. I have not been baking at all for a couple years because many of the children are gone and I would eat it all. I love chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate cake with fudge frosting, choc. carmel bars, chocolate malts, apple pie, apple crisp and the list goes on. When we have Sarah home, I hope we can start baking again! Then Sarah, Anna, Johnny,_____  and  ____, can eat it and of course I will have some, too! The big kids can then have a treat when they stop by home! We have a bakery near our house with the best donuts and chocolate cake! We get the cake whenever we can think of something to celebrate! It didn't seem to agree with my gallbladder BUT that's gone- so let me at it!

3. I love to go to church on Sat. or Sunday evening! Here's the confession part- without my children! I love to sit, pray, listen, and get refueled for the week. My favorite date is Sat eve. church and then out to dinner with my main man! It doesn't happen often but I love it when it does!

4. I rub my feet together like a baby rubs her blankie! It is so comforting and makes me feel relaxed and cozy! 

5. I have homeschooled 2 children for 2 years. I have read many books on homeschooling and reviewed curriculums. I will have 2 local homeschool support groups plus our FCC group. Homeschooling Sarah still feels like such an unknown. I think because I do not know her and I haven't homeschooled for a while. At the same time I am so excited to homeschool her and I think it is important in our situation! But still, I am a bit nervous for it! Yikes, where do I start!

6. I know the people and their children that I have met through "journey to me" but when it comes to the yahoo groups I can't keep anyone straight! Sometimes I get an e-mail and I get the feeling like I have talked to them before or I should know them and for the life of me I have no idea who they are. It's a little embarrassing when they've been waiting with me for an LOA and boom I forget who the heck they are... sorry. I think my brain capacity is full!

7. We have a family full of swipers! Do you know swiper on Dora the explorer? The most recent incident was, are you ready- I hadn't shaved my legs in 3 days and someone lifted the shaver and hijacked the soap. Now you don't find this out unless you are "in the shower"... In order to replace these items you must get out of the shower while dripping wet. Our other issue is- "no one wants to fess up". 

Okay- I am all done! That's enough about me!
Have a great day!
I have no more friends to tag so the party stops here!

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