Saturday, October 18, 2008

We have our LOA!

Today is a great day! We were completely surprised by the arrival of our LOA. We were beginning to come to terms with the fact that it would not be coming for a long time. What a wonderful surprise. Carrie called us from CHSFS but we are on vacation and missed the call so a little later I was checking messages on our computer and it was from Carrie and the title was - your LOA is here. I kept thinking to myself "I am reading that wrong? It doesn't really mean that it is here".  I read it and then said Jim- you read this and it was for real! Our LOA has arrived!! Our darling daughter, Ming Ming is ours! Praise the Lord. We are so very thankful to God for this dream come true! I can't even think straight I am so excited!! We want to go to China ASAP! We will be back home tomorrow and we will sign the papers early Monday morning- hopefully they will go to China right AWAY! It is going to be a busy and exciting time around our house!
Yippee Jesus!! I will add pics when I get home!


Laura L. said...

Yay!!!!! What exciting news! It gave me goose bumps. :) Oh I am so happy for you, Jean and family.

Lori said...

Yippee Jesus for sure!! I can't wait til I'm getting up early every morning to check your blog while you are in China to get your sweet girl!! Too fun!

Love you,

Our China Starfish said...

Congratulations on LOA!!! Hoping for a speedy TA!!! Jennifer in DE