Friday, November 14, 2008

CA, CA, CA!! Ming Ming here we come!

Our CA came Thursday morning 11/13! It is scheduled for 12/2 in Guangzhou, we are all set to leave for China on November 19th, alleliua!! I can't believe this time has arrived- we have all the approvals we need and now we just go and get our little girl (okay, well, there is lots to do in China, too). We will miss Daddy in China- I hope I can handle all the paper work and organization while we are there. He is usually the one doing that sort of thing. If we don't return on time - you will know why!  

I will be sharing our journey to Ming Ming on journeytome. com  (delete spaces)
Click on stories and find Sarah Grace JiangMing
I would love to have you send encouraging words whenever you can! If you get a chance check out the other journals, we have a busy November and December on JTM- many children are coming home!! God's blessings are so great!

I will occasionally be posting on my blogs IF I get a time to do it!
Thank you for sharing our journey! All praise and glory go to our Lord!


Laura L. said...

Well I am happy to be the first to congratulate you here. CONGRATULATIONS!
I was just wondering this afternoon if you knew when your CA is yet. Wow, leaving Monday!
Can't wait to see your journey to Ming Ming
Big hugs!

LouieRN said...

YAYAYAYAY!!!! We will be one week behind you...our CA is 12/9. I'm sorry we won't see each other there, but I will be following your travels! {{{BIG HUGS}}} LuAnn