Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I need help in the kitchen!

Some of you may have heard that I am not a very good cook. I am hoping with my daughters by my side we can change that - it may be wishful thinking. I have been running around a lot today trying to get everything done before we leave for China, Jim and Matt's birthday (Nov. 21st), Thanksgiving(the fam is going to my brothers), and for this Christmas and what the heck let's get it all done for Christmas 2009, too- okay, just kidding! But, that is how I am feeling!  So, I just sat down to my computer, breathed a huge sigh and started reading the blogs, relaxing, answering e-mails, etc. Anna is relaxing watching sprout TV, Jim is out of town and Johnny just asked for noodles- not too difficult a request! Yes , I can do that! Well 25 minutes later the noodles had pretty much absorbed all the boiling water and were completely inedible. ;-)  As I was running for the pot I called Johnny then I uncalled him when I saw the shape they were in- he yells down the stairs "I love you, Mom"! I am so glad they understand ! I have successfully set the cooking expectations so very low! 

The new water is now boiling- I must go and watch it boil so we don't have a repeat!
By the way Joy unspeakable I was catching up on your blog and chuckling to myself. Does this mean I can blame my ruined noodles on you?


Lori said...

Yes, I will graciously take the blame for your noodle mishap. Only those of us consumed with our blogging would mess up something as simple as noodles..it's perfectly understandable. I'm thinking about putting a hotplate by my chair & laptop so I can cook as I blog. I think it will be a trend that will catch the nation by storm! :)

Mom Of Many said...

I heard you may be able to meet up with my "twin" in Guangzhou - that would just be sooo cool. Oh how I wish I was going to be there picking up Jubilee at the same time also! I am praying for your trip and for the transition for Ming Ming - I can't wait to see you there with your precious girl! Almost time! Yipppee Jesus!!