Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pics from Day 1 in Beijing!

My journal will not let me post my vertical picture the right way- it keeps wanting to turn them sideway. My photographer, Katie likes to take lots of vertical pics so here are some of our favorites!


Mom Of Many said...

I love, love, love seeing you where we were. I shared a picture of your MingMing with both morning services. I told how she was about to find a forever family and that you had answered the call and said, "Empty nests are dreadfully dull" and so you are going for it and filling it up again!! Yippee Jesus - just like Dw and I...I am so proud of you Miss Jean! I also told them how you and Sally had met on the Great Wall (so stinkin' cool!)...both services were packed and everyone loved it and loved MingMings picture!

Praying as you will be meeting her soon - and she will never be alone again - oh Yipppee, Yippee Jesus forever!!

Lynsay said...

Jean! I just read JTM (I have been checking it like crazy) I'm bawling! I'm so happy and so excited and won't stop praying! On "No Hands But Ours" there is a urgent post about some older kids needing adopted, and I just want you to know I'm so thrilled to call you guys our friends, because no matter how much you think we are doing here, these kids need homes, so thank you for being one of those homes! Praising Him and Oh so excited!!