Monday, January 19, 2009

Dragon Breath

Okay- I have been a little hesitant to share some of the experiences we have had with our sweet Sarah. I never want two discourage anyone from adopting older and I thought I should give the girl a break and a little time to adjust. I want to start by making it very clear- I love, love, love her and I know she loves me, too! So for that reason I can find humor in our interactions and not sugar coat everything! 

When Sarah first came home - she liked to tease us (still does). Her dear brother Mark seemed to be victimized often. She would tell him he stinks in Chinese. The word is something like "tosa". Still being a teenager he was beginning to get a bit self conscious - he started showering twice a day! Sometimes he would even have a hurt look on his face or avoid Sarah- well, as it turns Miss Sarah teases those she likes the most. Mark no longer smells according to Sarah and he is definitely a favorite. Now, I know she really likes me and she even loves me but I must say - I am still getting the "tosa"- it's my breath. Yes, I am brushing my teeth- 4 times a day but it's that morning coffee that does me in- I'm doomed after that! So here we are at Johnny's basketball game- I don't get out much and see those big people we like to call "adults" so I was looking forward to a little visiting! I sit next to a friend that I haven't seen for awhile. We chat off and on throughout the game as we watch our boys. Near the end of the game my friend turns to me to say something and my dear daughter out of the blue puts her hand on my crotch and giggles- I was straddling the bleachers and I think she thought is would be quite funny. No, she's never done that before , no, I am not concerned with any issues. I quickly say softly "Sarah, that is inappropriate" with that she covers her little button nose and says "tosa"- you would have thought I had just abused her- I was only breathing... the next moment Anna who has on Daddy's lap right next to Mommy's face sneezes. Oh my - Anna has a repaired  Cleft L/P but she has a fair amount of food that comes out her nose and when she sneezes- look out! We have seen whole raisons, whole cheerios and noodles come out of that itty bitty nose. (if you sneeze with our family around we will all run to get you a tissue- we are a well trained bunch!) Anna just so happened to be facing her Dad- so it landed on him- on his face. After all that I think my friend forgot what she was going to say!

The next day we went to another basketball game - yes, we were brave enough to return. The kids did pretty well... until it was time to leave. That's when we got the whine not wine- "the whine"- carry, carry, carry and it goes on and on and she doesn't care who hears. Now we do carry Sarah in our home when she asks and when we can. I have a few safety rules- no carrying 2 at a time. If I carry you down the stairs and then I go up and carry your sister down the stairs and then I have to run upstairs to get something I forgot AND you two follow me up... I don't carry you back down again- my back is beginning to hurt as I'm typing. I am sure she is thinking if I am your new baby and she is also your baby and you are carrying her then excuse me, hello- aren't you supposed to be carrying me. Hey, all the other children 3 and under were being carried how about me! So we made a new rule- we only will carry sweet Sarah when we are at home or if it is late at night. We are also going to encourage Anna to walk more. She is so little it is almost dangerous for her to walk with the crowds at the games plus I think she likes the birds eye view from our arms instead of looking at everyones knees!

Note to self- talk about appropriate behavior at basketball games BEFORE going to them. Don't straddle the bleachers be an example for your kids and sit like a lady! Maybe don't sit so close to friends- try the smile and wave from afar thing instead! Remind junior b-ball fans that they will need to walk when attending games! Buy Mommy breath mints! When Mommy has stinky breath let's communicate it kindly to Mommy - maybe no verbalization just a gentle touch of her nose and a nod. I'll let you know how that goes- wishful thinking! I have been told that I have a nose like a Golden Retriever well now I have a daughter that has a nose better than mine. Jim would come home after work and I would tell him what he had for lunch- poor guy that must have been so annoying. I guess I'm getting what I deserve!


Jill said...

I am on the floor with laughter!
Thank you!

Lori said...

Oh my stars!! That is so better keep notes on these lessons you are learning because that is a lot to remember! So, I'll get you started:

1. Never open your mouth until a breath mint is present.
2. Buy a sneeze guard for Miss Anna OR make sure you have a tissue on hand at all times.
3. Get one of those chair lift things so you can all ride up and down the stairs at the same time...saving your back AND giving the girls the illusion that you are at an amusement park.

Ok, print that off and you will be good to go...leave room to add additional items as needed.

I'm here to help.
Lori :)

Nancy said...

You made me laugh out loud! I"ve been home sick, and thats the first smile I've cracked in 2 days.

Rose's bionic nose always knows when I've snuck a snack. (Say that fast three times!)