Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the year of the Ox. We are easing our way into the Chinese celebrations. I love watching how others choose to do it and then picking out what works for our family. Today our FCC playgroup met at a chinese restaurant and we all had lunch together. The children were all dressed in their Chinese outfits. We really had a fun time! It was our first year attending the gathering and this is one event that we will hope to do yearly! Sarah enjoyed trying to teach us how to say "Happy New Year" (with a little help from the waiter)! She also thought it was quite funny listening to us as we our attempted to speak Chinese.

We will be going to an FCC Midwest celebration next weekend! We have really enjoyed meeting many of the local families that have adopted from China. It has become a wonderful support group for us. It is so nice for our children to see other families that are like ours. It just reinforces that it is okay to have caucasian parents and asian children - they can see that we are not the only family that is like that- parents and children do not have to look alike!


Jill said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
I am in LOVE with the first pic of the girls!!!!! ADORABLE!!
Enjoy your FCC party next weekend!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Hey, Lauren thinks it is a good thing we don't look alike sometimes. I was doing something silly in public one day and she sweetly told me it was okay because no one would know that I was her mother!

But oh sometimes I wish I had her black hair, beautiful complexion and almond eyes. There are days when I have wished that I was Korean just like my sweet Lauren. But I have never wished for her to be like me. She is perfect just the way she is!

Great picture of the three of you!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Go check out Bryson's blog. There is something waiting there for you!!!!

David and Sarah said...

Just found your blog. We have 3 kiddos from China, a daughter from Ukraine (whom we adopted when she was 7 years old) and a homegrown son.

You have a lovely family! It looks like your new little treasure is doing great!