Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey! Thank you!

Oh My! You all are too kind! Wow, 22 followers- thanks! I was all set to be completely embarrassed and not have anyone add themselves- whew- thank you for saving me from me!
I loved your comments, too! It is so neat to connect with others who love children/family, love the Lord and love adoption!

Our dear son Billy is coming home on Tuesday! We are so excited to see him and hear all about his trip. He is having a great time and seeing so much in Europe. I am glad he got to do this- how interesting and what a great educational experience. He has been to Frankfort, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and Venice. Please continue to keep him in your prayers for a safe journey in Europe and a safe trip home!
This past week has been so busy with Dr appts and hubby out of town. It is time for us to work a little harder on homeschooling with Sarah. We received a school book in the mail- Sarah was ssooo excited to open the small package until she saw it's contents. She opened the book and says immediately "Sarah no school", then she quickly shuts it and tosses it back to me. I think I may have a challenging task with HS this little sweetie! I'll take any prayers I can get with regards to HS Sarah! And btw it is time to work on pronouns! We can't talk like Elmo all our lives!

Right now- hubby and the 2 girls are at Chinese dance, Johnny is at a friends house and then soccer. I am home listening to my christian radio station and blogging! Life is good, God is good- these little breaks really help! Thank you Jesus!


Terry said...

Hi, I've become a follower! I started reading your blog about a month or so ago. We are praying about an older daughter from China next...we have a 3 yo son(china) and currently adopting a 2 yo son from Haiti. We also have 3 grown children.
I think I'm nervous about an older child since I really want to HS as well. So I'm watching you :-) sorry, that sounded a little creepy. You can check our out blog if you want...God Bless...

Pam said...

I don't know how to become a follower, but definitely would if I knew how! :) I love following your blog.

I will pray for your HS of sweet Sarah~ I too, plan to HS our little girls.


Jan said...

I would love to be a follower but don't know how to sign up. We have two grown sons and three little girls from China who are the apple of our eyes!!! I love following other families that "look" like us!!


Jan Brooks