Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House fire!

The most important thing that is happening in my life right now- is not in MY life it is with my bloggy friend Linn and her husband Dw. I got on the computer midday and found out that this dear sweet family's house was on fire. I was in shock as I read this and I am so sad for their many loses and for the pain they must feel. Everyone got out safely- praise the Lord! All they have is the clothes on their backs and Momma Linn was in a bathrobe at the time, The home is not a total loss- the roof is intact but what is not a total lose has extensive smoke and soot damage. Please bloggy friends venture over to Joyunspeakable (a mutual friends blog - check under my favorite blogs) for updates, prayer requests and donations. God bless this dear family and their 9 children- soon to be ten!
Thank you, Jesus!

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