Monday, January 12, 2009

Lost Pics ;-( and lesson learned!

Daughter Katie's computer crashed a couple weeks ago- we got a call from a crying 23 yr old in the middle of the day. One moment everything is fine, she runs to the kitchen comes back to her computer and it crashed- really crashed- everything was lost. Her pics mean so much to her, I felt so bad for her. She loves photography- in fact after getting college degrees in elementary ed and journalism she now wants to be a photographer. I think she is just trying to avoid the real world and wants to forever be a student- JK honey jk. After trying everyplace in Iowa City she then went to Des Moines- the apple store tried to recover some things but didn't have much luck. 

Next she was bringing it home to us and ALL she wanted for Christmas were her pictures back. (one year ago I know she had 10,000 pics on her computer- I have no idea how many more where added in this past year- but with trips to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and China- I am guessing - MANY). It was a bit of a parenting dilema. We already had a few things for her and yet we could feel her pain- recovery could be A LOT of money. We put away the old hard drive and didn't even look at it over the holidays- too painful. Once we left for Florida Katie felt it was time for her to deal with it. She brought it again to a new place- the price again was high and their were no guarantees. We talked about it and I told her we needed more time to think it through and we should pray about this. She wasn't too happy she just wanted it all better right away. We ended our conversation and I prayed for our daughter , her pictures and wisdom on how "he" would like us to help her- for God's guidance. Honestly, 24 hours later she called us - she had been working on her computer- it turns out the apple store had recovered a file and in that file were copies of many, many pictures. Thank you Jesus!!

Well, the Lord was kind enough to help us in this situation but there is a lesson to be learned- BACK UP your pics!!- 2nd hard drive, CD's, time machine, etc! 

The picture is from Christmas- it is my two adorable nieces- Emily and Meghan with Katie and Sarah!


Lynsay said...

Ohh....I know just how this feels, as we lost virtually ALL of our pictures from China and over a years worth of memories with our toddlers because our computer crashed.

I was so upset, praying and praying, and finally realized that even those pictures are His!!! (even though I would like to hold on to them)

We now own a trusty hard-drive (at least I hope it is trusty!)

I'm so glad she found some in there, now go buy a hard drive! (a big one it sounds like!)

Laura L. said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about Katie's computer. That's terrible. I'm glad some photos have been recovered.
I'd really recommend the 2nd hard drive too.