Saturday, January 10, 2009

Silly Mama!

My little girl thinks that her Mama had very long bleach blonde hair and that I cut it shorter before she came home. I have tried to explain to her that it wasn't my hair and that it was a wig.  She loves looking at the picture of her and her friends from China- they no longer upset her, instead she wants us to look at them with her and she tells us about the pics- it is so interesting. Anyways as she was going through my i photo she found pics of me with my friends at one of our 50th birthday parties. She was shocked! She looked at that hair and said "pretty"! When we get home I will be showing her that wig! Stay tuned for a bleach blonde 8 yr old from China!!

When Katie and I were in China we met up with a family from the U.S. They where a run of the mill Jesus loving, upwardly mobile young couple that had a nice house in the burbs and were beginning to start a family. Through their love for the Lord the decided to make some huge changes in their life. They felt called to China to start an orphanage. That is not an easy thing to do- especially when you have to leave everything you have known all you life- all your comforts, all that is familiar to you, your jobs, your extended family and the list goes on. I can tell you already they are much braver than I. I guess that is a perfect example of really trusting the Lord. 

It was a joy meeting Lynsay and actually a privilege to spend some time with her! Anyway- their orphanage/childrens' home will be for special needs children only and most likely they are hoping to focus on downs syndrome kids. It is not often that a child with downs syndrome is adopted from China- they are really a left behind group of kids and yet they have so much joy in their hearts- it is very sad.  Lynsay is a nurse so that is so helpful as she and Bill care for these children.  Right now they desperately need a van to transport the kids. My blogger friend Lori at is trying to raise money to help them get their van. Their are some great prizes from those who donate and it's only $10 each time to get your name in the drawing. 

Please, Please prayerfully consider donating $10 towards this important cause - they are truly serving the Lord and his orphaned children in China! God Bless you!


Lori said...

LOL!!!! I love your "Barbie" look! Sarah will look fabulous as well!! Make sure you post a pic of her!!

Thanks for plugging my fundraiser..I think we are off to a great start!!

Thanks again for everything! ;)


Laura L. said...

Too hilarious! You go girl! You'll have to let me borrow that sometime. LOL.

Have fun!