Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tomorrow is letter M!

Surprisingly so- everything is going incredible well. I know that since I have now said this we will be having a major meltdown in the near future- that is just how it always goes!

Billy is home safe and sound- thank you Jesus! It is so nice to have him home again! 

Sarah started HS on Sunday- I know what you are thinking why Sunday? Because I knew it would not go well and I decided to start it on a day Jim was home. Sunday was rough- she absolutely did not want to do school- today or ever. We had done a few things a week or so ago but then last week was filled with DR appts. and running around so it was time to get going again.  It is not homeschool that Sarah objects too- it is any schooling. She has not expressed any desire to attend the local elementary school. She is in the  building 4 times a week and has never asked to "go to school". She just says "Sarah, no school"! Well we made it through Sunday with plenty of tears and a dose of extreme stubbornness. Daddy and Mommy had to have a talk with Sarah and we made it very clear that everyone in the family does school until they are all done and Sarah will be doing school 5 days a week until she is done. The big sibs are great- she really listens to them. All the kids at different times talked to Sarah about school and they all said they liked it- thanks guys for your help! Dad made it clear that he wanted Sarah to do school, to be happy and to tell him all about what she is learning. Sarah has not said anything bad about school in China - she just says she doesn't like it. I have heard that school in China can be harsh but she has not said anything about it. I was thinking she may have a learning disability but I am not seeing anything I should be concerned about unless being strong willed is considered a learning disability- jk !!

WE have now had 3 days of school and she is doing so well! It is so exciting to watch her learn! Yesterday I was telling someone we had worked on the letters j and b. She looks at me and says "no momma", f and b! She was right, I misspoke. Way to go Sarah! Today our Math program came in the mail- we were both very excited to get it! We are starting with 1st grade Saxon Math- I am hoping to then move into 2nd grade math right when we are done. We have a bit of catching up to do BUT we have time! We are doing explode the code for phonics- preschool- kindergarten program. It is helping her with her english and introducing her to the  letters and sounds- after that we will move onto the 1st grade level. Sarah really needs a schedule and she needs structure and guidelines/rules. She is primed to learn and I can't see waiting any longer. She is counting to 100 and is learning the days of the week. We will soon be doing the monthly calendar and discussing the weather. It may be odd but I love this kind of stuff!! Going to the ESL classes and speech is really helping her, too!

The attachment part is going fabulous- thank you, Jesus! She seems to know we are a family and she seems to love all of us! (especially her Momma and her Babba- another huge thank you Jesus!)


Jill said...

I tell ya, Sarah is just THE most beautiful girl ever!!
Sounds smart too!
Hugs, Jill

Lori said...

Wow, Sarah and Lucy are definitely sisters...the stubborn thing is their link. Whew..does my girl have a strong will!!

I'm so amazed at how well Sarah is doing! It is SO encouraging to me!! And it sounds like school is going great! Way to go!!

I love the pictures!! What a beautiful girl!

Lisa said...

It is so good to hear that Sarah is beginning to like to do hoemschool activities with you. She seems to be doing really well.

The pictures are great! She is a beautiful girl.

Pam said...

Good job, mom! I bet Sarah will LOVE school in no time!


a Tonggu Momma said...

How wonderful that everything is going so well!

And did I miss what you were using to create the characters? Is that playdough? What a wonderful idea! The Tongginator knows her characters pretty well, but her fine motor skills are delayed, so drawing them is tough. This would be a great idea for her! Thanks for posting the picture.

Chris said...

Ok I jumped on board too, I need to look back for your story on Sarah. Sounds like things are going well. It has to be hard to know when it is pure stubborness or something she just can't express right now.