Thursday, January 29, 2009

We Have Slayed One of the Dragons!

So HS has been going so well I was all excited for today! It was letter M's chance at fame and fortune- okay maybe just a little recognition but when we got up in the morning Miss Sarah gave us the look of pain and held her right jaw. Oh no, not again. So back to the endodontist we went and this little petunia had a root canal. She did fantastic through out the procedure! They did not get to finish because it was so inflamed but the material in there should last us a while. I for one am thrilled that this dragon has been slayed- 7 dental visits later! He thinks the other side will need to be done soon, too! I am all for it- lets get that one, too!! She will probably have two lovely silver crowns on her 2 lower 6 years molars but it will they will be wickedly strong and the thought of not have to return to the dentist/ endodontist until our 6 month checkup and cleaning, thrills me to pieces!!

During the process I wanted to tell everyone don't move I need to take a pick for my bloggy friends BUT I decided that would be going to far and since the nice dr. fit us into his schedule- I did not want to irritate him! So sorry- no root canal pics!

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Laura L. said...

Ha ha. Only a blogging mom would understand why you wished you could've take a photo of the root canal procedure.
I'm so glad she was able to get in to have it fixed.
She must also be a trooper!