Monday, February 16, 2009

The Creatures have followed us to Florida!

So here we are in beautiful sunny southern Florida having a wonderful time Everything is great- we have no complaints, wouldn't change a thing... except for the fact that our wonderful loving children turn into "creatures" at the 4:00 hour. I remember it well with our older kids, it's the before dinner hour, the hour that goes so slow you feel like the clock never changes, the hour that you want to call your hubby and ask him of he's coming home soon, the hour that you wonder why you ever have children in the first place... It happens at home and I have been meaning to sit down with the kids and hubby and work out a reasonable plan if that's possible! A plan where we can all be happy together, wind down, watch a show, look at a book, play a quiet computer game, have a light snack- now doesn't that sound nice. Mom could throw in a load of laundry, get dinner started and catch up on a few e-mails. We could be harmoniously together while still having a little space. Sounds beautiful! 

SNAP out of it and get back to reality! Okay, well the creatures have followed us to Florida- We usually hang out at the beach for an hour, come in for lunch and head to the pool. Jim and I are swimming with the kids having fun, clapping at all their new and old tricks! Everybody is happy, laughing and smiling! Bonding is at an all time high! The kids get out of the pool when we tell them it is time. Life could not get any better... and then a switch goes off- the creatures return - within 20 minutes the little one is whining about something and the big one begins to pout. Today it was because she couldn't have two towels- I know I'm a meany- I was wet and cold, I needed one of those towels! Yesterday it was because we wouldn't carry her up to the condo, day before- can't remember but I'm pretty sure that was my fault, too. We're never quite sure what is the little ones problem - we think it's just being two. Arghhhhhhhh

They happen everyday and yet they still catch me off guard- well, no more I am ready for tomorrow! Oh yeah!! We called a family meeting, we discussed it (like that is really going to help). We have banned all pouting and whining from the premises and especially after swimming! I'll let you know how tomorrow goes! I'm sensing a victory!

Jim is exchanging cars with the girls - strategic timing! We are hoping the girls will fall asleep in the car and get some much needed rest! He is going to get a real easy car- with an actual ignition!! Jean is having a little quiet time. I have stopped growling to myself. The real reason I feel so much better is I got onto my computer and was lead to this incredible blog. It is a young girl in her twenties who loves the Lord and is living in Uganda, caring for kids. She is sooo inspirational and she has a great sense of humor! Check it out!


Sally-Girl! said...

Oh I am working on that exact 4 o'clock hour myself!!! I have resorted to an educational video. I love the Leapfrog series and hooked on phonics. I give them a choice out of three and they must sit and watch it or sit at their table and draw or color quietly while I try to get dinner ready and the house freshened up for when Robert comes home.

I love Katie's blog. She inspires me to do more!!! What a sweet soul!!!!!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Ummm, do you really think any of us feel sorry for you while you are in FLORIDA!? Beach time, pool time, eating out...uhhh, not much sympathy here girly!

HOWEVER, the minute you get back to reality in the frigid winter air, then I will sympathize!!

Truly, I know exactly what you are talking about...I even find that I'm a little whiney around that time!

Laura L. said...

Yes, what is it about that time of day?
Sometimes lately that seems to be a good time for Jadyn to be in the kitchen doing some coloring or sometimes she watches a cartoon.

Soak up some sun for me!