Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Stylist!

If I wait much longer to blog I'll be back on thankful thursday again! Sorry about no posts- daily life is taking over and it seems to keep us busy. I loved our vacation time where I could blog everyday- it is so therapeutic! 

When our bio kids were younger they used to do my hair- I loved it!! After Katie grew out of it I still had the boys fix it- it is a family secret I don't usually share but they are all man enough now to handle it! It was such a special time with the kids and it felt so good to have those little loving hands playing with my hair! I had some pretty awesome hairdos! (kinda, sorta!)

Sarah is now comfortable styling my hair- she is very good at it and I am in heaven when she gives me a "do"! Anna likes to get into it too! She does whatever Sarah does! So now I have 2 of my own hairstylist! We do have a few rules- no cutting hair, no coloring hair and the "dos" are done at night! whew!


Lori said...

Your new do is FABULOUS!!

I absolutely LOVE having little gentle hands running through my hair...to me, it's better than a massage any day.

Mom Of Many said...

You look mauuuvelous dahhhling!