Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She did it! Kind of!

It has been so much fun in Florida but it felt like Sarah needed a little bit of her schedule back ( she may not agree). So we did a little light HS'ing while Daddy did some work in the morning. You know, it's a good thing if a girl can spell her last name! So we worked on that and then some letter reviewing, a little bit of math and then the memory game. Which I lose at everytime!  We play it fair and square- she's just sharper than me! After lunch it was back out to the pool- we prepped the girls hoping that would help and it did! At one point Sarah said to me "Mom, I am happy"! Notice the pronoun and the word happy! After swimming we relaxed for a while and went inside- they were still happy! While we were inside getting ready for dinner the girls actually laid down and watched TV- that is a first for us! Seriously, we usually have to buckle them in the carseat and play a movie (while we are going somewhere of course- no, don't call child protection - I do NOT leave then restrained in the car). They only seem to watch a whole movie when we are going somewhere.  I usually have some great educational shows in the car like leapfrog and Sesame street english (ELL  movies), etc! 

Then we went for a walk by the beach before dinner- pretty good so far! Everybody was relatively happy- went out to eat, okay so far! They were very hungry and gobbled up their food! Got in the car - no tears yet! Stopped at the grocery store for more bottled water. (Well, okay, for some delicious fudge from the bakery, too) Drove to our place, got the kids out of the car- Sarah was beginning to faulter, by the time we were up the elevator she was slightly pouting. Got her into the bedroom- real tears started- I began to carry her, put her in her jammies, brushed her teeth,  tears stopped, tucked her in kissed her all over her face, got a "Good night Mommy" and a smile... close enough for me! Whew! Thank you, Jesus!


Lori said...

Wow, that sounds like the perfect day!! If I were you I would send for your stuff & just stay there forever. I will load up a Uhaul and move into the hotel room next door & we will have oodles of fun every day! Oh, but then there's that reality thing...oh well.

I think your years of parenting have taught you a lot and now you have it down to a science! Way to go!!! I'm adding you to my mentor list! :)

Pam said...

Yippeeee! What a great day!