Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am thrilled to announce that I have won an award! A Fabulous blog award! How very, very exciting is that! This is definitely a day brightener! (Since the other thing I did today was pick up massive amounts of doggy poop- in the yard.) Two large dogs that want to eat a lot, white snow, long winter- not a good mix nor a pretty site- I almost took a pic of our poop filled yard but I decided to spare you all!

Now here are the rules for this award:
1. Pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs, and include the one that gave it to you (and Link them) 2. List 5 of your fabulous addictions.

I need to figure out how to link onto blogs- can anyone tell me?

I received this award from Sally at Bryson makes 8 ! Sally and I traveled to China at the same time  in the end of Nov. early Dec. 2008 and we met each other in person on the GREAT WALL! That was so cool- all of the sudden I heard- Jean? Jean? I look up and there she was! I love to keep updated on how sweet Bryson is doing through Sally's blog! I also am loving Sally's friend Ann's blog!

Here are my 5 fabulous blog nominations!

1. My friend Laura's blog  . We were neighbors here in MN.
LAura and her family are now living in Shanghai. They moved there this summer. They have 3 children- 2 from Korea and one from China. Laura is working with Half the Sky Foundation!

2. My other friend Laura's blog  from MN. We are in the same FCC playgroup and we get together every week!

3. My new friend Kathy's blog . Kathy has 2 older kids and 5, yes I said 5 daughters from China! She brought home her 5th daughter just before our Sarah came home-fall 2008! We met through our blogs and then sometimes e-mail each other. We have had some similiar adjustment experiences with our girls!

4. My new friend Jennifer's blog . Jennifer has one bio daughter and 3 daughters from China. Her latest adoption was an older child adoption- their newest daughter is Tessa. I followed her as we were preparing to adopt our daughter- Sarah. We met through a yahoo group and have keep in contact through our blogs.

5. My sweet friend Lynsay's blog . Lynsay and her husband Bill live in Beijing. They have 2 daughters and they are beginning a special needs orphanage in China! They have the morningstar project that they are working on! They are a very cool family and Katie and I were able to meet Lynsay when we were in Beijing!

Now for my five addictions-
1. slippers- love them, always wear them and Sarah has let me know numerous time that they are stinky, too! (tosa- she says- she is right!)

2. My morning coffee- I am sad to say I buy the expensive stuff- starbucks grande vanilla latte! It is a day brightener for me but someday I will be changing that- I'm sure I'll just find another addiction to take it's place!

3. MY hubby- I love him sooooo! I love to spend lots of time with him, I love talking to him and listening to him- I just love him to pieces!

4. Adoption/ children / family. As far as I am concerned it's all about the children. They are such a joy! I am on my knees thankful for the opportunity to be a Mom again of young children! My dream is to help others bring their children home!

5. Jesus- I love sharing my everyday with him in prayer and in conversation. I am so thankful for him in my life and I pray to follow, to serve and to praise him more and more each day!

Blessings to all you wonderful bloggy friends!


Mom to my China Posse said...

How sweet! You made my day and I am loving your blog as well. By the way we are living paralell lives, We have dog poop all over our freshly snowed yard! Good thing its in the back yard. lol.. Thanks for the award and Right back at ya! Kathy

Laura L. said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you so much for this lovely award! I shall display it with joy. It's great to know somebody out there likes me. :)

Lynsay said...

Thanks Jean! My award, along with your notes about your addictions, made me smile! I agree though, your blog is one of the most fabulous out there! Love the updates on your beautiful family!