Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today's Discoveries!

We are in Florida with the girls for a couple days! Today we discovered convertible cars! Sarah said, "Wow, look" It was a car with no top. She had never seen such a thing before! She was amazed! After that we noticed many more! Later in the day we saw a motorcycle. Not a scooter like in China BUT a for real motorcycle- that is very loud and can go fast! 

We went to the park again. This time Sarah wanted to sit in the baby swing- Jim put her in it and she got stuck! It was pretty funny! Then we had a race to see if I could get my camera out in time to take a pic or if Daddy Jim could get her unstuck and out before I took my pic- they won!

Todays topic was "passing gas". We had fun blaming it on each other. Just for the record- it wasn't me!

The lock on the master bedroom door isn't working very well. So when I put my swimsuit on I  have to listen closely and then get it on lightning fast or "Hello honey, could you step out for a minute, mom is almost done" But because this body of mine is so interesting, she really would rather stay and take in the view (Ughh). The boobs are quite interesting- I let her know that someday both she and Anna will have these. I think she is okay with waiting a little while!

The girls make friends where ever they go- young and old enjoy them. When we went out to eat tonight, the girls listened to the musician and did a little dancing! People are amazed that Sarah has only been home 10 weeks- her english is coming along and she seems so comfortable and happy! Everybody seems to have a relative that has adopted (or they have adopted kids) so we connect with a lot of people. They all have such heart warming stories! I love adoption and feel so blessed to have our 2 girls join our family through adoption!

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Lori said...

Ok, it's SO NOT FAIR that you are in Florida..AGAIN!!

Hilarious about the swimsuit/body/boobs!! Oh my, why do these girls have to be so curious!! Some things are just hard, if not impossible, to explain!! :)

Soak up some rays for me...I'm looking really pale. And have a nice cold umbrella drink for me also. Yumm!