Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where do you put the key?

Okay- I should be in bed, everyone else is in bed but this is my only time so what the heck!  

While on this mini vacation we have rented a car, a Nissan Ultima. It is very nice but it has a new fangled starter in it. We got all the bags in the trunk, including the stroller, the car seat, the kids, then us... and we could not figure out how to start this darn car. Seriously- we had a key but no ignition?? We were baffled?? So we go up to the attendant and ask her - where do we put the key?? That sounds like a descent question, right?? her answer was "you put the key in on the left side of the steering wheel". Okay, we are relatively smart, we got it! Well Jim couldn't see very well because he didn't have his glasses so I thought I'd help him out! I found the spot and stuck in the key- whola, the car started and off we went! it's getting late and we all need to eat dinner. We stop at a local restaurant and we cannot get the key out of the ignition... hmmmm... so we leave the car unlocked and go on with our evening.  24 hours later the key will  still not budge from the ignition so we ran into another younger adoptive family, strike up a conversation and  before we part ask the if they have ever driven a nissan ultima- answer is yes- fabulous! Can you help us get the keys out of the ignition? What's the trick? 

As it turns out- there is no trick, and there is no ignition! We were supposed to stick the fob ( excuse me is that even a word?) in that spot, not the key. I have no idea why this crazy car is actually starting if a rounded tip piece of plastic is supposed to be in there instead of a key but it does!

Hopefully tomorrow when the car rental place is open we can get this figured out!

Today Sarah said to me as we were talking- when we go back to China someday she will be staying... in China... excuse me, no, you will stay with your Mommy and Daddy. When we go back to America, you will be going back with us! No, she thinks she will stay in China , because Sarah loves China. Yes we love China, too, but we will go back to America. Well this conversation went on for awhile until Daddy interrupted and said" lets go to dinner. Sarah, you are teasing your Momma." Big smile and a giggle, yep, I'm teasing Momma! Later that evening- Daddy, Daddy what was I doing to Momma again? Teasing her!  "yeah, I was teasing her!" Big Smile!

Today Sarah went into the ocean up to her waist with Daddy! She saw a school of minows and 2 dolphins! 
I promise to post pics tomorrow but for now- I am off to bed!!


Mom Of Many said...

Good gracious!! That is one crazy key problem!! In our new fangled era, who has a clue?

And Sarah teasing you?? Wow, I was like, "HUH?" When I was reading glad she was teasing...

love from Colorado, xo

Lori said...

Hilarious about the key thing...I would have been clueless as well. But as always, such things make for a great blog post!

Too cute about Sarah teasing you...I hope that's really what she was doing! Or perhaps testing you! She looks happy as a clam right here in the USA!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

The story could have only been better if your young adult children could have been flies on the wall!!

I know mine would have been busting a gut laughing watching all that commotion!

Chris said...

I'm glad my 1993 Astro van has "normal" keys, even if I can't always get it to shift from park to drive....

Oh boy, the testing/teasing, good your hubby read that one.

Jennifer O'Cain said...

That is Too Funny! Needed the laugh. Enjoy your vacation.