Monday, March 23, 2009

Big brothers are soooo much fun!!

Whenever the big boys come home the girls are all over them! They have such a good time swinging, being upside down, sitting on shoulders, getting tickled or just a new set of arms to carry them! The big boys love it as much as the little girls! There is just a whole heckuva lotta fun goin on! 

Say- How do I post a comment next to a picture? Anyone?
Have you noticed I have been enlarging the print for those of you that need your readers, forgot your readers or are denying that you should have readers!


Lori said...

Thanks for the bigger print...I'm one of those who is on the verge of needing readers, which I proudly admit! Since about the 3rd grade I've always wanted glasses! FINALLY! :)

Comments by your pics are no different than your regular text. I just post the picture, put it where I want it then type my caption above or below it. You can center it if you want and I usually change the color. That's all there is to it!

GREAT PICS!! Don't you just love it when the big boys play with the girls till they giggle endlessly! It's so great!

Pam said...

Love those photos! Aren't big brothers just THE BEST?

And I for one am not too proud to thank yu for the larger type!

Karen said...

Hey, thanks for the enlarged print. I was wondering why it was easier to read:-)

Precious memories are being made with those wonderful big brothers.