Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Billy!

My baby turned 21 today!! With 7 kids and 2 adults it seems like it is always someone's birthday! We went out to eat at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. They always put on a fun show for us! The food was fantastic and enjoyed by all. Billy's girlfriend Kelly joined us. We missed our sweet Katie- she is heading off to Florida for spring break. It is so much fun to get those big boys together. They are always wrestling and bantering back and forth. We had a hula hoop contest but my camera ran out of batteries. A real tragedy for a blogger!


Laura L. said...

Happy birthday, to Billy! So much fun to celebrate as a family.
I bet it does almost seem like you guys are always celebrating a birthday. :)
How wonderful that you had almost everyone there for the fun celebration.

Miss M said...

awwwww i missed you too!!! wish we could have been there but i'm writing this to you while listening to the ocean waves... so i can't really complain :)