Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is anyone hungry?

Last night the girls helped us make dinner! They are always eager helpers and even though it takes longer to have them "help" us- I don't want to squash their wonderful helping attitudes! This will payoff in the future, hopefully! I have read that there is a window of eagerness to help and if you don't grab it and let it happen it will pass you by. Your soon to be teenagers will not want to help, and then may not have a desire to serve (our Lord). Since I have already flubbed that up with 5 children (as far as wanting to help around the house) I am going to try harder with our younger children- I 'll let you know how it goes in about 10 years!!

Anyways back to our dinner helpers! They did a great job making the burgers but it wasn't until after we all ate and then looked at our pictures that we realized we didn't wash Anna's hands after she used the tissue... does anyone want to come for dinner at our house?? ;-0 


Lori said...

HA!!! Well hopefully you cooked away all the germs!

Great pictures! Your girls are so photogenic...even with a finger up the nose! And I just love your kitchen!

Chris said...

Lori's right, you cooked all those beef germs so a few boogers don't matter.
Know what you're saying about the "help"

Lynsay said...

Oh yummy! :) Based on what I saw the other day (yes I posted about it) that daughter of yours isn't Chinese, that is NOT how the chinese blow their noses! :)

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Thanks for posting our button on all your blogs! You have been entered many times into our giveaway!

This post is too too funny! so cute. btw- we have many friends in common! :)