Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh yes, we do have 5 other children. No, I haven't forgotten about them!

Since we do have a family with 7 children in it I feel like I should update this blog on all the kids. I have been filling it with mostly those at home and I am feeling a little guilty.

Matt 25 yrs is living in uptown (MPLS) and working. He likes his job and in this economy is so happy to even have a job! (Mom says "Thank you Jesus!") Matt goes skiing once or twice a week. He took a trip to Vail this winter and came back with a smile on his face that didn't leave for over 2 weeks! His passion is skiing!

Katie is student teaching in Iowa, it is going well! She is enjoying her 2nd graders and tentatively is hoping to get a teaching job for next fall. Where? Who knows! As of mid May, Katie will be done with college and a for real grown up! She has mixed emotions about this big change in her life. On one hand how great to have an income (if she gets a job) and a place to call your own (if she gets a job) but on the other hand college is such a fun and unique time in a persons life.

Billy is near the end of his junior year in college- wow- that's hard for me to believe. It has gone by so fast. Since his school is only a half hour away he stops by home occasionally. I love it when he does that! Sometimes he does his laundry and has a meal with us and other times he visits and picks something up from home. Johnny, Sarah and Anna love seeing him! He is/was our introvert- but he has a ton of friends and gets along with everyone but sometimes he comes home to study or read or just to get away from school for a little bit. I think it is great that he comes home to refuel but funny that he can concentrate in this active house of ours! Billy is our golfer and he is on the college golf team

Mark is in Denver. He is a freshman at DU- he has been gone for 2 months and will be home in 10 days for spring break! We miss him and we are so excited to have him come home! His passion is soccer. He recently tried out for the DU mens soccer team. It is division 1- so he knew is was a long shot. He was in it to the bitter end and then was the last one to get cut- bummer. They asked him if he would be the team manager. He is considering the opportunity. 

Johnny is a freshman in high school he is currently playing basketball. It has been a very busy season- filled with many games... 49 to be exact. Johnny plays point guard and has had a very good season. He has had lots of playing time! We are ready for it to end. This weekend is the state tournament and then we are done! His passion is soccer. His team has been playing all winter and he joins them when there are not conflicts. The good news is he will be coming home after school once again! Yippee- the day gets too long when the kids stay after for sports (in my opinion).

Sarah and Anna?  Well everyone has heard plenty about them! If you need a Sarah and Anna fix visit their blog
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Lori said...

I love hearing about all your kiddos! You have such a beautiful family! And mega-talented too!

Thank you Jesus for healthy, happy kids!

Pam said...

I loved reading this post about your big kids! What a lovely family you have. Never a dull moment with that crew!

Miss M said...

key words "if she gets a job"... hm... haha! good to see you remember all your kids! JK! I suppose we do talk every day... or twice a day :)