Friday, March 27, 2009

Sneakin around!

Today hubby took the kids and gave me a little time to myself! Yup! It was great! We are in spring break and the fam decided to hit the park- Johnny played hoops and the girls went swinging. They played ping pong, tag and ate at McDonalds.

 I, on the other hand headed to the pool to soak up some son and sun! You betcha, just love prayin when I have some peaceful time!  I relaxed, continued to read my book- it is good- see previous post! Heart breaking, stirring and very thought provoking. Called the gang because I thought they be back- nope, still at the park . Wow, I still have more time! 

Went back to our place, cranked up the christian music on the itunes, made lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it while being on my computer. Hmmmm, their still not back. Went to the fridge where I have the fudge hidden- yeah, I know I have a little problem with hiding things I LOVE! What if they come in now and catch me? Will I have to share my fudge? I don't think fudge is good for children. It is in their best interest that I keep it from them! Oh no, Sarah, will smell it on my breath... 

They still aren't home. You know I could go back down to the pool and keep reading- good idea! If I do that I wouldn't even have to help with getting swimsuits and suntan lotion on. Wow, am I feeling lazy- let's go for it! Okay, my hopes are getting high, I'm likin this time- the elevator opens... whew, nobody is in there. Down I go, I am almost home free. No sign of them yet. Elevator door opens and no kids. Today, is my day. Oh yeah, I own it! 

Back at the pool, open the book- MOMMMMMMY, Mommmmmmy. 18 stories up -are my kids sayin hi! Oh, how sweet, hi kids, I missed you! Hurry down to the pool!

Don't say a word! This is our little secret!


Lori said...

LOL!! You are so bad! Hidden fudge, computer time WITHOUT children helping you type, reading a book...and actually comprehending it...oh my. Sounds like heaven to me!!

Soaking up with Son in the sun sounds AWESOME!!!!

Karen said...

Too funny. I don't know what I'd do with myself without the kids around. I do have to admit I'm a bit jealous:-) My kids can smell out my hidden chocolate. I don't find out it's missing until I go to have some. I've run out of hiding spots:-)

I agree with Lori.... soaking up the Son in the sun does sound awesome!!! Hope you get some more time.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I always get caught with chocolate breath. I swear, the Tongginator has a nose like a bloodhound. LOL.