Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Addendum to previous post!

Hubby and I have both come to the conclusion that as our dear daughters are learning to live in America, in a family, we are continuing to learn to parent them. It is a process and one that we find very exciting! Truly, never a dull moment! We are always thinking, thinking, thinking about what we are trying to teach them and how they perceive our teaching- constantly trying to send the correct message!
Both moms' we were with the other night were so compassionate! One was a teacher and really understood where we were at with homeschooling an adoptee at 8 yrs old now 9, who says she will be 10 soon but she is pulling our leg! She so wishes the schools would offer more to these children. The other mom was so kind, complimentary and loved the girls! It was actually nice to get such positive responses from non adopting families! Thank you Jesus!! I forgot to mention one fam also had a 14 yr old daughter- she was great with the girls, too!!

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