Monday, April 13, 2009

Armed and Ready for Battle!

Anna didn't want anyone to break her egg, so she hid it!

We have a family tradition on Easter Sunday- it's an egg fight! We take our beautifully colored eggs and smash them together to see who will come out the winner. The winner has the egg that did not break BUT broke others eggs. You do get to use both sides but once one side breaks you are out of the championship round. This year it was Sarah and Johnny that shared the gold medal. There is technique involved but I haven't quite figured it out yet, maybe by next year! After that event we enjoy many hard boiled eggs and egg salad!

Last year Katie and her friend shalacked (SP?) the eggs to give them extra strength. We were very suspicious of them and caught them red handed- they were immediately disqualified by the judges. Actually they just picked another egg and we continued on with the fun!

This year Katie and her friend Sarah from Iowa colored eggs with the girls! They really enjoyed it! Sarah is convinced that America is a good place after all. She let us know about a week ago she does not what to go back to Ch*na! I am glad about that, she's our daughter and she is here to stay!

Thank you for your responses regarding our new neighbors. I will tell them that many people are praying for them. God bless you!!


Lori said...

Very funny! I've never heard of that but I think we may have to try an egg right next year! Actually, we may try it a lot sooner than that (we've got about 60 eggs in our refrigerator right joke. Our chickens are layin' machines!).

So glad Sarah likes the good ol' USA! And we can't wait to finally meet you guys face to face! We will have a great time for sure.

Lori said...

oops, meant to say egg fight (not right!) :)

Terry said...

Your family is beautiful. I come to visit your blog occasionally as I'm dreaming of adopting an older daughter from China :-)Love the egg would go over well in this house although I think the eggs would become mutilated.