Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mark and More Big Nursery Rhymes News!!

I am sad to say there are no Happy Birthday party pictures for my sweet boy. He is away at college and we miss him so much. In the past I have been the worst Mom at sending gifts- so my dear son Mark let me know that and it still took 3 weeks for me to get the package off to him. SINCE it was so close to his birthday it became a birthday package! He was not disappointed!! He got gift cards to al the nutritious places around the campus- any place that had something that resembled food and was better than the campus food, a t-shirt, flip flops, his favorite TV series on DVD's and another funny set of DVD's - which I will not disclose the name of because I do not approve of it... even though I did buy it for him. Also included was candy and gum! The dentist must love me now!

He will be coming home for a short visit in a couple weeks (mother's day weekend)! We are all looking forward to giving him a big huge hug!! 

Mark has a heart of gold. He s a wonderful son, brother and friend. He adores his two little sister and he will be working for me again this summer as our ... Manny ;-).
Okay, the real reason is jobs are scarce, he gets home too late to even get one and I can use a little help over the summer. That works for me! (No Montessori and no other babysitters)

Today the girls were singing nursery rhymes and I just want you to know that Mary now has a little man... Yep, no lamb, it's a man.
And the other big news is the weekdays have been shortened from 5 to 2! The girls were singing the days of the week song and all I heard was Monday, Tuesday, Monday, Tuesday, Monday, Tuesday! I have no idea what happened to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday BUT they're gone! So enjoy!


Lori said...

Oh my gosh...that is so funny! I love those girls!! Mary really should have a man and two day work weeks work perfectly for me. Wow, they are geniuses!!!

Happy Birthday to Mark! Can't wait to see your blog posts about him being the manny this summer!

Sally- That Girl! said...

You are so funny!!!! And so is Lori!!!! You girls crack me up in here in California with your wit!!!

I am dying to know the videos you bought for his birthday.

I guess you will need to privately email me so the truth does not come out on your blog!!! I promise I will still love you and share a truth with you if you want!!!

Nancy said...

Rose once told us she was going to reform Mary Had a Little Lamb. She meant perform, sure made me smile.

My guess is South Park...