Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He's Waited a Long Time for This Day!

15 1/2 years to be exact! Finally the day has come that our youngest bio child- Johnny is my height and he is taller than his big sister, Kate. Out of all the kids Johnny has been slow to grow. (I think he cares so much because he loves sports, especially basketball and height would helps in that sport!) He is thrilled to have now reached 5'8". Johnny looks just like my Dad, who claimed to be 5'11". He is hoping for more height but we will take what ever we get! Sorry Kate- he's got you beat now! I do think it bothered big sis a little bit. But, no worries Kate, you have a couple precious sisters that may (okay probably won't) reach your height. We grow them every size in our family- hubby is 6'2.5" and has a sister that is 5'2" and I have 2 great aunts that barely reached 5'.

If he does keep growing this would mean I am back in the front row of the family pics- arghhh, That is not where I want to be...

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