Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just a little side note!

Well it turns out that I didn't ruin everyones jersey (I mean hubby didn't ruin everyones jersey). No, there was one boy on the team who forgot their jersey in the hotel. He ended up wearing the extra team jersey the coach had... guess who that boy was... yep, you guessed it, our son Johnny! His white jersey is lookin fine! That's because his mother is so good with the laundry!!
Oh my! I can't help but chuckle!

Believe me when the boys get home and their Moms' see their jerseys... I won't be chuckling. I might have to go get a job to pay for them! 

So we are driving to the next game and my dear hubby who is always so good with directions is driving and driving  and driving and driving. 20 minute later I looked at the street signs honey you forgot to turn, we are going the wrong way. He immediately says no... oh no, I did. He turned around right away and says "thank you honey for being so nice about it" I held back an obvious smile, this doesn't mean you can gloat about it and use it on me later. Smile again! Sure honey! We did have a good laugh! 
We missed the whole first half and part of the second half. Well at least Anna had a much needed nap. 

Hi Kelly!! Please add yourself as a follower!! I am stuck on an odd number! See you soon! 

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Terry said...

Hi Jean, you're no longer an "odd" number :-)...sorry about the jerseys...