Saturday, April 18, 2009

Road trip!

This is Sarah's first road trip- we tried to explain what we were going to do before we left but it was hard for her to understand. After one hour in the car we heard "almost there?" aaahhhhh, no only 5 1/2 more hours honey! The girls did great in the car! They watched movies, sang songs, chatted, had some snacks and dosed a little bit. We only took one quick bathroom break! When we told Sarah we would be staying in a hotel she just couldn't quite figure out what that was, even though we had stayed in them in China. It was all new to Anna, she was excited and sleeping at night wasn't what she had in mind. Jim and Anna shared a bed- he thinks we should trade kids tonight... I think not!!

Sarah has seen quite a few new sights! She usually yells "look, look"- in such a way that hubby and I practically jump out of our seats! It might be a plane, or a tree, or a yellow flower (I believe they are called dandelions- ahhhhh choo)- something along those lines! We drove by a huge truck- which I was amazed at and I pointed out the incredibly large tires- sarah replied yes I see those tigers. This happens everyday- She gets her words mixed up, it is so darn cute. 

We watched the first game in the pouring rain- another new experience for S! After the game we decide to be heroes and wash the teams soaking wet, filthy dirty soccer uniforms. We gathered them up and off to the laundry mat we went, with the girls! Hubby and I were moving fast- coach wanted them back quickly. While they were in the wash we ate at McDonald- yuck, I mean nummy!

We hurried back to get the clothes into the dryers. We were running out of time so we put the uniforms in the plastic bag- but they were very hot and it melted the bag- they all fell on the floor. So we scooped them up and put them in the trunk- which was clean because I just cleaned it! When we got to the hotel we put them in the lobby for the boys. Sounds good, right... wrong... oh boy... they were a wrinkled mess, oh boy again the numbers and lettering started to melt in the extremely hot dryer, the were kind of stuck to each other, oh my, they weren't even very clean. Panic was coming over me, we just ruined the teams very expensive uniforms! I could feel a hot flash coming on so I did what any other woman would have done - I fled the scene and let hubby take the blame!!  And here I am now blogging to you!! 

I will post pics later! Off to another game! I'm standing on the side with the other team!


Lori said...

What a disaster but it sure made for a hilarious blog post!!! I'm sitting here cracking up!! Ok, not really...well yes really but I guess it's not so funny that the uniforms are ruined. Yikes. That's what you get for doing a good deed! :)

See ya real soon!!!!

Nancy said...

That's just payback for you having TWO washers and dryers at home :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Love Nancy's comment!! I won't be so harsh and honest as I can so relate. I could feel a hot flash coming on just reading it!!!!