Saturday, April 25, 2009

Success in church!

Please everyone mark this day on your calendar!! Anna sat thru church!! It is a first for our sweet Anna!! We are elated!! Of course she did sing a few renditions of "Winkle Winkle little Star" (no twinkles, it was just a winkle) and abcdefghijk-elmo-pqrstuvwxy and z. But the most important thing is we all were there through the whole service and it was enjoyable. Don't ask me about the sermon but you can ask hubby! He listened, I was too busy thanking God for the moment!!

We have often tried to bring the girls to church but it often ends up with hubby in the narthex chasing Anna while Sarah and I are in church. So for us this was BIG!!  At times Hubby and I would sneak away to church and refuel for the week! Johnny would stay home with the girls. That worked for awhile but this is much better!

Sarah was amazed at the little girls in their pretty white dresses making there first communion. I told her soon that would be her. Before I started on all of this I wanted her to understand who Jesus is and what it means to have faith in him.  She seems to already have a heart for the Lord - for what is good and kind. She is such a wonderful child!

I was never taught about faith and love for our savior. Religion was not discussed in our family. I think it was because my parents didn't really know where to begin or how to teach it. For me it was a wonderful gift from God that I discovered at 13 yrs old while in confirmation but I am sure that having loving parents had a lot to do with it. I am so thankful for the gift of faith, however it has made it challenging for me to teach my children about our Lord. I really don't know how or where to begin. I am just praying and trusting God that he will lead us! I do have to say- so far, so good! Thank you Jesus! If anyone one has some helpful tips- please share them!

Today was a wonderful day- the temps were mild and the girls were outside with Dad working on the yard! At one point Jim was picking up the leaves that accumulated on the patio while Anna was playing with the hose. Yes, she was a bit wet and we changed her immediately! Sarah was with me getting a bandaid on one of her many owies (sp?)- otherwise one of us would have stopped her! That is life with kids- never a dull moment!

We are looking into getting a swingset... someday, maybe? So we spent the morning playing at Rainbow play systems. The girls loved it and even met another little girl from China! Her mom was asian so I assumed that was their birth child. I was so glad when they started talking to us and told us their daughter was from China- same province as Anna! We can't help but be attracted to other families with Asian children.  Yet, I want to be socially appropriate and careful not to say the wrong thing! 

While every one was enjoying the day I was looking into curriculum for next year, it is actually fun to do! I am excited to homeschool these precious girls! Sarah is amazing and I am guessing that Anna will be a joy to teach also!!

Thank you Jesus for a blessed day!

I will add pics soon! Sorry, I have been a bit slow with the camera!

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Hezra said...

I know what you mean! We too have had so many years of one or both of us carrying babies and or entertaining toddlers. It is a HUGE celebration when you finally see that you can ALL be together in church. lol Know that a fellow sister is celebrating with you! ~ Hezra in OK