Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you!!

I want to thank Linny, Lori, Lori and Jennifer for your wonderful comments! I so appreciate them! Bible verses are never cause for concern- they are always guiding us! Do not be afraid to offend even if you do not know the person- you can't go wrong when quoting from his book/ and from his word!!

Whether you prayed or not we are doing very well- makes me think you did! The crabbies are gone- keep praying if you can- they would love to find an opportunity to sneak back in! Sarah had an incredible day with school! We reviewed and I thought we would need to spend the next 4 days reviewing but WOW she did it all perfectly today and even read her first book to Dad- truly a thank you Jesus moment!! It was from the HOP (Hooked On Phonics kindergarten series), the book was "CAT"! Only 4 months home and she is eager to read! I did not expect this but we are thrilled!!

We did the first math lesson just fine but struggled with the second. Often times it is the language that holds her up- that will come in time. I am trying to list the things that she struggles with and planning to add them in as the language improves. I hate to hold her back just because of story problems and whatever else. She is an awesome, wonderful, little girl- thank you Jesus!! 
Gods blessings to you!

These are random pics of our time in Florida! We worked on puzzles and went out for ice cream- it really was a wonderful family time!!


Mom Of Many said...

You're welcome! I pray that God's peace floods your home and heart!

You are such a blessing to me personally!

And I love the pictures - that's a Coldstone cup, right? Ahhhh, yummm...that's what I'm talking about!! xo

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I was a little worried that I may have offended you with the verse I posted. I am grateful you understood what I meant. I too have been there many times before and I am glad you are doing better!
I will continue to pray that the crabbies stay away!