Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tying a tie??

Is that how you spell to tie a tie?? Tying? Hmmmm?

We have four older boys- one in high school and 3 college aged or older. We are batting zero as far as being able to tie a tie. The worlds is a bit more casual now so they seldom have a need for a tie but you'd think at some point their parents would have taught them- who are their parents anyway??
Every time one of them has an interview, a wedding or a dance they come running to Dad for help! Johnny had to wear a tie throughout the basketball season when ever there was a game. Jim would pre tie them for him when he was going out of town. 

Sarah slipped on the floor in the kitchen. She right away says" call 911, we have an injury. Hurry up get some help here!" It was pretty funny! Whenever we hear a siren her ears perk up, she notices them all the time! In China you would call #0* if you needed help. She so often pops up with interesting fun facts about life in China!

Can anyone tell me why they do the star in Ch*na??

Blessings to you! 


Mom Of Many said...

50 years old and I have no idea how to tie a tie either.

And too funny about what Sarah says about 911. Sounds like she adjusting wonderfully!!

As far as the little *...I use it everytime I don't want anyone to do a Google Search on a word and find my blog. Like creeps who would want to search for families whose kids are depl*yed...I don't need them to know anything about us. Also, if anyone in Ch*na wanted to know about our family....they wont find us with the * because the Goggle Search doesn't recognize it. Make sense?

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I always wondered that too

Chasity said...

I would love to know about the asterick in Ch*na??? Did you find out an answer?

Tying a tie is difficult. I hope the boys not only learn but have a great reason to wear one as well. I couldn't get Trayjan in one for ANYTHING.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh how I love my boys in ties even if papa has to tie it!

Sarah's line about falling is too cute!

Lori said...

My husband always taught our boys to tie their ties while standing behind them and looking into a mirror. But they still would rather keep it in the tied position and loosen it to slip back and forth over their head instead of going to the trouble of tying it when needed. Too much!

Tammy said...

A diagram & a video!

Chris said...

The asterisk thing is used in e-mails sent by missionaries in countries that are anti-Christian, it messes up the searches, they use it for words like pr*y or the other thing I've seen is pr ay.
I think Mom of Many said it better