Monday, April 27, 2009

Why am I Blogging?

I researched curriculum so much this weekend I gave myself a migraine. Oh my, my head hurt! 

I have been thinking about the question "why am I blogging"? I really want to make sure I am doing it for the right reasons. I am terrible at people pleasing, by that I mean when I do something just to please others (look good in their eyes, pretend I am someone I am not) it never works out. For many years I tried and I consistently fell short and then would beat myself up over it. I cannot be doing this so that I have followers, so that everyone loves everything I say, so that I am the funniest, have the largest family or I am the most eloquent writer. I just have to be me and hope to touch a few hearts while documenting our journey through life!

As the years have gone by I have adopted a new philosophy- I am here to serve and please the Lord. Hopefully, by doing so I will be helping others- hopefully, I can bring someone some joy, some support in their adventures in life, support during their adoption journey, maybe some words of wisdom or ideas from my experiences, a good laugh, a smile, a feeling like "oh yeah, I know what she means".  My desire is to visit others blogs so I can share their journey, continue to learn a few things,  grow in my faith and get a little comradery on this island I have created. This island of being 50, having older kids and small kids, adopting and homeschooling.

 (If anyone knows the correct spelling of comradery please help! I even googled it but the blog still says it's wrong?)Aargh

This blog adventure started on the "journey to me" site where we jotted down our thoughts to our new child and documented our journey to China. Now it is more than that, it is not just for our adopted children it is for ourselves and for our new friends. It helps us keep our head above water and our attitudes in check. It is heartwarming to know you are not doing it all alone. Yes, our Lord is with us but we are also able to bring a few friends along for the ride- bloggy friends.

My hope is that I will be able to joyfully share our adventure with those that are interested, encourage others to adopt the precious children and be supportive of them. It is kind of a ministry in a way!  I think we are all ministering to each other - and that is a good thing!


Sally- That Girl! said...

I question my vulnerability with blogging often and then it seems that someone somewhere tells me how something I have said has made them think or try something different and it motivates me to continue blogging.

On the other hand, I love knowing other families similar to ours and getting advice and support from them.

I really try to limit the blogs I follow on a regular basis as it can quickly take over my time that I should be spending on other things.

Thanks for your post. I can so relate!

Laura L. said...

A great post!

I keep a dictionary near the computer, because I often need it these days.

I looked up your word. I learned something as well.

It's camaraderie. Who knew? LOL, at first I thought my dictionary didn't have it. It's because I was completely off base with my spelling.

Lori said...

Don't ever stop blogging Jean! I love your stories, funny situations, adoption progress...etc. It is sooo helpful and entertaining!! I love having a friend who is slightly older than me (just slightly) with grown children that I can look up to!

But, blogging can become an idol (just like anything else) so I really do try to limit myself...which is hard sometimes!

Shonni said...

These are my thoughts also for why we started blogging. I am thankful to be reminded of it and you put in so beautifully.
After we started blogging, the LORD suprised me by introducing me through blogging to other women who share my passions also... orphan ministry, etc.
Thank you again for this post!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I ask myself that question often and at times have considered shutting my blog down. Every time I do I come to the same conclusion as you. I for one am grateful for your blog and others that I have adopted as my friends. They have not only encouraged me on this road to adoption but they keep me going and I have no doubt once our little one is home, I will need them even more.

Chris said...

Jean, I love your blogging! It's has been a great encouragement to me. Just having an insight into other adoptive families is such a help. If I didn't have your blog and others to look at, I know I would feel more isolated. Keep it up, you are doing a great job.

Suzette said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. Seeing couples my age and older has been a huge encouragement as we have begun this adoption process. My first concern was that "we are too old." Praise God, He didn't see that and He provided blogs like these to remind me. is a great tool for this language arts teacher. The correct spelling is camaraderie. I certainly didn't know that on my own though.

Transformed from glory to glory said...

Thanks for this. Shonni sent me your way after I posted on my blog similar thoughts. Blessings from Uganda.