Saturday, May 2, 2009


I love my sweet man!! Sometimes I am just not so sure of this being God made- so much like us and yet soooooo different! I have the book men are from mars and women are from venus- but I have never read it.

My dear man has not been feeling well for a week. We have been thinking it was just a little viral thing floating around- nothing serious. Johnny has not been feeling well either, Sarah had 2 days where she was under the weather and last weekend I wasn't feeling too good. So everyday I am saying to him how are you doing honey, feeling better and expecting a big yes. His answer is I'm getting there. So yesterday- honestly I started to worry- so I prayed and prayed for my dear hubby and to not worry and just trust God.

This morning we believe we have a diagnosis- a little virus- yes he has that but my guy has a double toothache- most likely 2 abcessed teeth. 

I am torn inside part of me wants to say dear we have great dentists around here, you knew you needed those teeth taken care of, toothaches are so painful, how could you let it go on for a week, it is dangerous to have an infection in your head, you work in the dental business, yadda, yadda, yadda...

If it had been a woman- we would have gotten into the dentist asap and taken care of it. We also would have been able to determine what was wrong earlier.

Then there is this side of the story. This guy is so darn selfless that he put everyone else ahead of him. He was busy at work, our family was busy and he often just doesn't take time for him, so therefor he did not take the time to get it taken care of. This guy also has a high pain tolerance and when he doesn't feel well he retreats to bed quietly praying until he feels better. Honestly, he is so low maintenance.

We have called the dentist and he will be taking powerful antibiotics until he can get in on Wednesday. Toothaches are so painful- I don't even know how he can function as well as he is. 
I am thankful we know what it is!

I love my man!! This is one frog that won't be thrown back into the pond! 


Lori said...

Oh my. He was probably tryin to hold off until his ground-breaking product is finally on the market! Who can blame him for that?

Toothaches are the worst! Baby him and make sure everyone waits on him. Poor guy!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Forget the men are from mars book! You have to read Men are Waffles and Women are Spaghetti. You can get it at your Christian Book store. It is fun to read and filled with great information.

We hosted a small group on this book this time last year. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about one another.

Chasity said...

I have read the Men are from Mars and Women are from is a good read and truly does put our differences into perspective.

I pray his antiobiotics help relieve his pain.