Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainbows and so much more to grateful for!

Can you see the double rainbow in this picture! The one on the left is very faint.

Yesterday the girls and I where driving the boys to soccer. It had just finished raining , the clouds were questionable and the sun was trying to peak out. Before we got out of our little neighborhood we spotted a rainbow! Sarah and Anna were so excited to see it! Sarah said "So this is what it looks like!" and "very pretty!" over and over again. Anna was amazed - I am sure she saw one last year but doesn't remember it. It was so beautiful and the colors were so vibrant. What a blessing to see one so soon after Sarah had been asking about them! God is so good!

Rainbows are definitely something to be thankful for!

I am also very thankful for allergy medicine! The spring weather makes me feel so alive. People are finally coming out of their homes, riding bikes, going for walks, cleaning up their yards, visiting together! Kids are playing and laughing outside! The tree have leaves and the flowers are blooming.  Aaaaachoo, sniffle, sniffle, itchy, itchy. The water in the ponds and lakes look so fresh and clean in the spring!

I am so thankful for all the wonderful organizations that are helping the orphans. I am constantly coming across another one! I can't even keep them all straight- who is where and doing what. That being said- there will never be enough help for the orphans until there no longer are orphans. Thank you Lord for the giving hearts of so many individuals and many organization! Let's keep it going!

My big huge, gas guzzling suburban! I have filled it once with children and I am going to try to fill it again!

Older sibs and their friends that are so entertaining for our little girls! This way I can have a chance to blog!

I am thankful that Sarah has made a few friends! She is having fun playing with the little girl next door!

I am so very grateful to God for his many blessings! He is so kind!



Laura L. said...

Beautiful photos! We saw a double rainbow last night too. I said, "This looks like perfect weather for a rainbow." Looked out the kitchen windows and there it was.
God created a beautiful thing in the rainbow. :)

Joan said...

We were at church last night for the last Faith Formation Class. The kids had just gotten done putting roses by the Virgin Mary's statue in the garden and everyone notices the most beautiful Rainbow ever. Minnesota weather is ever changing.

Lori said...

I love seeing a rare double rainbow! It's like a double wink from God! I just know He is tickled when we make a big deal over His creation.

Thankful for YOU sweet friend!