Thursday, May 14, 2009

When a Home Becomes House...

Our little neighbor has been transforming lately. We have 4 homes off of a little private drive. One of the houses has sat empty for 4 yrs- no one has ever lived in it. It went through a foreclosure- basically the builder and a pretend family closed on it and then they disappeared. Recently a realtor representing the bank sold it. A young couple moved in- it is so good to see light on and activity at the "home". 

The home next to us has just been vacated. The couple has decided to give up on keeping their home and move on with their lives. In the age of easy mortgages it was mortgaged to the hilt- a mistake that is easily done. Times have changed, jobs have changed (he was in the car business), I respect their decision. For the 3 yrs we have lived here, I have never met his wife. Occasionally, we would joke that she was dead in the freezer (like desperate housewives). I was concerned when we first adopted but decided people deserve their privacy. I often wondered if God was trying to tell me to reach out, out of my comfort zone. If I would have knocked on their door, or rang the doorbell know one would have answered- I know because I tried it. I know their were drugs involved, medication to stop the back pain and it probably turned into more than that... I prayed for them.

So this is how a home becomes a house- empty, the grass grows long, the leaves from last fall are blowing all over, it sits empty, and even though I never really knew them, it is really quite sad...

So what am I thankful for...
I am thankful that they are moving on in a positive way with their life.
I am thankful that someday a new family will move in and make this house a home!
I am thankful that our that our dear Lord is with us during the tough times. He has been there, done that and he knows what they/we are going through.
I am thankful that my sweet daughter Katie is moving back home!
I am thankful for the aaaachoo spring! The leaves on the trees and the beautiful lilacs!
I am thankful for our next adoption- which I hope to fill you all in soon!
I am thankful for the sense of peacefulness that I feel, which come from our heavenly father's Holy Spirit! Thank you Jesus!
I am thankful to have a house which I can call a home. Thank you Jesus... again and again!


Lori said...

Let's pray that a Christian, adoptive family moves in next door!! With lots of children your girls' ages!

I'm praying for your next adoption!

Tracy said...

I loved that post!