Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who is included in "WE"?

Oh man, I am so sorry! Where the heck have I been? This has been my longest span of not blogging. I have missed you all and my blogging hobby (or should I say addiction). 

Anyway, Hubby and I have been mulling over some thoughts, a new direction, maybe a new calling- we are just in the talking phase. It is regarding our next adoption. WE thought we had it all together- WE thought WE new exactly what WE were doing and what WE wanted BUT one problem... the WE included Hubby and I BUT not God. Major oops!

One thing I know- I do not want to do anything without God. So we are backing up a few steps and doing some major praying and I have even thought about some fasting- which scares the daylights out of me but now that I said this I should probably at least try it. Are there any takers- that want to fast with me? Maybe we can pool a few needed prayers and petition for each other. Oh my, this is scarey! Help me Lori! Help Linny if you can!

I mentioned to hubby about fasting. He said "Well, I think others should join me!" 
You know I think this guy is the funniest guy around. Its a good thing I do because he loves that!
He responded this way because the dear guy hardly eats anything all day long just to maintain his weight at a healthy level. Me, on the other hand - yes, bless my heart I am pretty sure I am one of those hypoglycemic people. I get weak just talking about not eating. But - I am going to try this because I cannot be afraid of the unknown- God will be with me!

One time a friend who lost her husband to cancer said to me "I never plan too far ahead". I think that is very wise. 
If I plan too far ahead-
I will miss living in the present,
I may miss what God has planned for me because I have already made my plan,
I miss the excitement and joy of seeing God's plan unfold,
I am not really giving God control- I am trying to control God.


Shonni said...

Jean, I would love to combine a fast with you...we are also praying over our next adoption, which right now, is Ethiopia...
and Kalyn and I leave on Wed. for the Uganda mission trip. So I would need to do this fast Sun, Mon, or Tue...
are you ready? Lets go!
By the way, when I fast, I do have to have a protein drink every little bit or I start feeling faint and sick...

Lori said...

Hey, I'm with ya girlfriend! Seriously, don't be's not that difficult and you will be amazed at how God will sustain you AND how drawn you are to pray with each growl in your tummy. It's a good thing.

You can just do one will be fine. Let me know when!!

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Jean, I hyave been following you quite awhile now and I would be happy to fast and pray with you. Let me know when.
I'm also hypoglycemic. It is hard at first but I just hang in there and try to curtail my activities during that time.

Miss Lila in Atlanta

Miss M said...


Chasity said...

Jean, I would love to fast with you. I have been called to fast a few times, just for a couple days, however we can pick to fast for one meal or as many as we feel we can do for my brother who missions in Nicarauga. I would committ to fasting two measl per day at least Tues through Friday.