Friday, June 12, 2009

Grateful on Friday!

On your mark, get set, GO! Here we are beginning another adoption!

This was supposed to be posted on Thursday but this week has gone by fast- so on Thursday I was thinking it was Wednesday, on Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday and so on! 

I am just feeling so "down on my knees" thankful to God. So many of you have been so kind and prayed for us. You have sent such kind and supportive messages- thank you so so much. We talked with our agency on Thursday and we have the green light to get movin on all our paperwork. They were wonderful and we are just so grateful to God that we are all working together to bring the girls home.

 Now, I wish that paperwork that I was talking about was our dossier BUT it does not. As I said before we are way in the beginning and should be finishing up our pre-adoption packet this next week. I am guessing that each agency does it a little different but we should be having our homestudy appt in the next couple weeks and I actually don't know what comes after that? We will probably apply for USC*S approval this month or next?? When do you do the LOI? Are they still giving PA from China?

I know- I should have this all down by now but we did the old I-600 way the last two times. All the paperwork involved in adoption is a bit of an ugh but at the same time it is so worth it and I always forget how much of an ugh it is once we have turned it all in. 

I am so grateful for-
That we have the green light to work hard and bring these girls home!
That I can look at their pictures again and keep falling in love! 
That our little Sarah has a neighborhood friend to play with and for the fun she had at VBS!
That the Uganda mission team is home safe and sound!
For answered prayers!
For God's continuous comfort!
For my wonderful hubby!
On a lighter note-
For shoes without socks!
For humor on blogs! I love reading funny things on your blogs!
That Anna didn't get dirty at the playgroup!
That Anna is starting to talk about poo poo and pee pee!

Have a wonderful weekend! God Bless you!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

u have a wonderful weekend too. u r right so much to be thankful for.


Lori said...

I honestly don't know when we sent our LOI!! It is all a blur...and everything changes so often that I can't keep it straight. All I know is that I think that once you've successfully completed one should get some sort of pass to skip all the craziness that is involved and go straight from "yes, I would love to adopt this child," to YOU ARE APPROVED, come get your child. All in about one months. Whata say?

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay with our I800 and finding Mr B prior to paperchasing, this was the order of things:
1. Agency application
2. LOI for Mr. B
3. PA
4. DTC after you have all your USCIS approvals
5. LOA
6. TA
7. I800 approval
8. Travel
9. CA

For us the USCIS took a long time but we sent in our paperwork on April 15th when the new I800 had just come into effect on teh April 1st so there were ALOT of kinks to get worked out. I hear the process is moving a little smoother.

Nancy said...

R-girl took care of dirt duty for you. After you left, she fell off the picnic bench onto that lovely dusty ground, and then rolled (we are talking a 6 year old who pretended she was pushed off, being funny). Later, she and C-girl had a bath together and I hear the water was a pretty grayish brown color.

Anonymous said...

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David and Sarah said...

Wonderful! So glad that things are moving along for your two treasures!