Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poof- it was gone...

I had just done a big long post- I was feeling pretty good about it. At the end I included my "thankful thursday" list and I was just about to make one correction and somehow must have pressed one wrong button and the whole darn thing disappeared- ugh.. With a our busy life- I had started it at about 5:00 and came back to it at 10:00 just to finish it up- just like that, poof it was gone. One more time- poof, it was gone... ugh

The other day I opened the freezer and there was the telephone. Interesting! There are a lot of people here I could blame it on but ahhh, ummmm, I'm thinking it was me that did it. I didn't tell anyone- I just took the very cold phone out of the freezer and hung it up. Thankfully know one called while it was... in the freezer!

One more time here we go-
I am thankful for my dear sweet hubby! He is the man of my dreams!
I am thankful that the timberwolves drafted Ricky Rubio. We now have a very happy 15 yr old boy in this house! (Now don't trade him!)
I am thankful for how well Sarah is doing with her schoolwork!
I am thankful to be a MOM!
I am thankful for an official Match!
I am thankful for our dear Lord Jesus!


Chris said...

Hmmm! phone in the freezer. I'm sure I would NEVER do that.would have been a mess to find while it was ringing!

Miss M said...

I'm glad I wasn't home, because SURELY I would have been the blame to have left it in the freezer and erased the post! :) ha... Okay, okay... yes, I am usually the one to blame when your things go missing.