Friday, July 31, 2009

China Reunion!

They loved getting their faces painted!
Here are our two butterflies!

I know I don't need to explain this work of art but just in case you were wondering- that is a butterfly kite! Yes, Anna wrote her own name on her nametag!

This is Molly and she was one of our China guides for both Anna and Sarah! We met her in Guangzhou! Anna chose not to be in the picture.

Every summer our agency has a China Reunion. This is our 3rd year attending! Our very first year Anna had been home less than a week and we went there to show her off- isn't that what new parents do? This was Sarah's first year! We all had a wonderful time! It is so nice to see all the people that we have worked with throughout our adoptions.

When I was in China this last time I put out an e-mail and a JTM post asking for some help and guidance. Among many that answered was a family from our agency that lived in rural MN. The were around our age and had many children and had been through many adoptions- including an older child adoption like ours! Since then we have kept in contact e-mailing back and forth and even some phone calls! We were able to finally meet at the China Reunion! It was so good to meet them and their wonderful children! I can't believe I didn't get a picture- I wish I would have! They have Sadie who is 14 yrs. (China) she has been home for 2 years and they have Jay 11 yrs. (Korea) and Ryan 11 yrs. (China). Plus a bunch of older kids! We clicked right away with them- again I can't believe I didn't get a pic...

Our girls love anything to do with China! It is a natural attraction for them. We are debating on having Sarah go to Chinese dance and language lessons but their parents (us) are not so sure of the commitment- most of the day every Saturday - September through May. That means we would have to drive a half hour each way (4x) every Saturday, ugh! I love the idea of keeping them connected to their culture BUT I do not like the huge Saturday commitment. Right now I just like being a family and homeschooling. Any thoughts, anyone?


Lori said...

CUTE pictures!!

I love Anna's signature on her name badge. What a diva!

Ummm, I can easily say that I would not do the Saturday class thing. But that's just ME. I absolutely love our Saturdays at home...even though we are home all week long! There's just something different about Saturday. It's a "relaxing" day to get things done you can't do while you are homeschooling during the week. HOWEVER, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for Sarah to keep her Chinese roots alive. Hmmmm. Good luck!

David and Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

The Chinese culture classes in our town are on Sunday afternoons. I've had the same issue. Even though it's close, I'm not sure if I want to commit to having the kids there every Sunday afternoon.


Lynsay said...

How fun! I think any type of China reunion from this side of the ocean sounds pretty great! Don't worry, they have their whole life to be connected to their culture, besides, you do a great job keeping them connected at home! Spend this precious time with your girls!!

Lizzyf1 said...

perhaps you'll feel more "worth" it when the other girls come home and all 4 can share in the experience. BUT....saturdays are certainly great for sleeping in and just being together as a family.


Janet and Kevin said...

We went to two adoption reunions this past summer and loved them both! How wonderful to stay connected through the reunions.

Kevin and I eventually want to take Chinese language classes with Philip some day, but we don't want to give up our Saturdays either right now.

Our older son, who is 23, was always in so many activities (which he loved and chose), but still our time was not always spent having family time at home. True, we were spending family time with him watching his events and cheering him on. That was wonderful, but we are waiting to enroll Philip in those kinds of things until later because we know our time at home will be limited and is precious, too.

It's a hard decision to make. God bless you as you sort through the choices.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Joan said...

I love China Reunion. We were not able to go this year because it took place on the same day as our family reunion. Hopefully we can make it next year. My girls enjoy it too.

We do gymnastics, not language and dance. But, I am going to sign them up for Saturday classes this time. We had been doing it during the week and that is just too hard with work and now school starting up again. I don't like giving up our lazy Saturday mornings but I don't like how worn out we are during the week. I am sure I will get tired of not having Saturdays by the end of this next session too. Its just so hard to figure out and then add to it I am single so its just me. But, we live close to the lessons and dont' have to drive so much.

Sally- That Girl! said...

I say keep Saturday for family time. We did a Korean program for Lauren when she was younger once a month. When she got older the commitment went to every Sunday. We opted out. I miss it for her, but it was difficult making that kind of a commitment on the weekends.

patricialuann said...

Isn't the adoption community amazing? When you adopt a whole new family is born. Love the face painting.... and the butterfly... I knew it was a butterfly or an elephant. ;)