Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fretting, The British Open, Bike Rides and Dates!

Here they are relaxing together enjoying the golf tournament!

Come on TW!! We are cheering for you!

It's getting tense, they are all sitting forward. As you can see Anna is really into this!

The head hanging. It's not looking good for our guy.

Ever have a time when everything is driving you crazy! Well- that's me and it's happening now! Questions, questions, questions- I won't say who from but you probably could take a wild guess and I bet you'd be right!! She is currently standing an inch way from me, well no she is actually on top of me giving me a play by play on my typing. And asking for something- can I have a snack, can I go outside, can I, can I, can I!!!

Lately I've been doing some fretting- yes, fretting- 3 cankers sores worth of fretting! You see, because I am not a HS pro I committed the very common HS beginners error of purchasing too much stuff an now I can't decide what to use? The other issue is I am just not so sure where we fall in the math category. We still have some language barriers - so explaining things can be challenging. My darling has her good days and not so good days with math- I am wondering if the not so good days are more stubbornness than lack of skill?? So of course I ordered a whole new math program thinking we are going to redo 1st grade math and just get the basics down... the next thing you know she is doing pretty darn good in math (unless of course it's a Monday because Mondays aren't her best day!) So now I am thoroughly confused... do I just continue on with the same program maybe slowing down a bit or do I start the whole new program redoing 1st grade??? argh

Then I start thinking about our other daughters in China and gee I wish they were home right now because then we'd all be at the same place and just learning together BUT that is not the case and I need to forge ahead now and just plan to do it all over again in one year from now with them!

This morning (went to Saturday evening church) we had the crew sitting around the TV watching the British Open Golf Tournament. We were really pulling for Tom Watson- but it didn't quite work out for Tommy. The whole mood changed- it was like watching a bad Vikings Game. Being a little more mature myself I just thought it would be so cool if he won!

On a good note- Hubby and I got new bikes this weekend and went biking with the kids! It was so much fun!! Johnny's friend rode my old bike and as he was going down the street the frame bent- it was a very old bike- the poor dear could not be fixed. When hubby saw my bike he just had to get her brother!! Now we are all decked out with helmets and really to ride!! Head over to The Princess Diaries for bike riding photos!

Let's briefly discuss the weather- this is the weirdest summer for us! Today was great 76 and sunny but the last 3 days I think have been record lows! This is supposed to be the warmest week of the summer and it was a cloudy 62 degrees with a wind!

Last but not least Hubby and I went out for a date on Friday night. No, I didn't take any fun pics like Lori did- we don't have a cool Jeep- that we can take the top off, like Lori BUT we did have fun!! Our date started at 6:00 and since we don't usually leave the kids for long we anticipated being home at 8:00 BUT we were really having fun so we decided to extend our date a bit. We texted the Babysitter- to fill him in. Hey, no big deal just one more hour... we got called 11 times that night... If I hadn't given birth to the babysitter and if I had other options, this boy would have been fired! He did apologize and some of those calls may have been from a little 9 yr old girl that loves to call people on the phone when she really doesn't have much to say- I mean to tell me something very important. So payback was a second date for the two of us the following night!! That works for me!! (Again we were home to put the kids to bed)...

Which leads me to another topic. Our social schedule doesn't seem to fit with any one else's! Most of our friends don't want to come home at 8:00- 9:00 and they don't quite get why we need too. We really like to put the kids to bed and not stay out too late- so we don;t get too tired. Ya, ya, that does sound old of us but hey it works! I wish some of you other adoptive families lived near us so we could go out to dinner now and then... and be home by 8-9! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


Lori said...

I am SO WITH YOU on the being home by 8 or 9 thing. That is exactly the way we are! And usually tucked into bed by 10! Old folks, we are! Oh well.

Oh and next time you go out, geez, please take some pics of yourself like any crazy woman would! :)

Lori said...

Oh and the pictures of your family watching the Masters are so great! That one of Jim and Anna is PRICELESS!! Nothing like having a small Chinese girl climbing all over you!

And we were really disappointed TW didn't win too! Darn it!

Hezra said...

understand the hs issue. so sorry. we have been there too. I chose to plod along. we skip where it is too redundant or after they "get" the concept.

Liz Tolsma said...

I remember what a nut I was our first year of hs. Just relax and trust your intuition. If you feel she needs to repeat 1st grade math, go for it. If you find, after a while, that she really does get it, move on to something else. That's the BEAUTY of hs!

a Tonggu Momma said...

It took us over three years before we could have a date where we didn't come home to put the Tongginator to bed. And we were disappointed with the Masters results this year, too... but at least it changed one person's life hugely. And what an accomplishment for Watson, even coming in second place. (And how about that Italian teenager? Oh, my lands!)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

The date night sound great.


Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh, nail biter golf that is for sure!

Marissa is like Sarah right now question after question and I can so relate!!! Glad to hear I am not alone!

Love the payback idea of a second date!!!

Chad and Kristy said...

We are new to home school too! We are using Sonlight because it is all put together nicely for me and I don't have to do a lot of prep work. Anna Li test 3rd grade in math but when we start doing 3rd grade math it is clearly overwhelming to her.. so, we are starting at 1st grade.. easy or not. She is still dealing with so much emotional issues, adjusting, and attatchment that we are having to put school on the back burner most days. She is still learning on the 1st grade level and it is so much less stressful. I also have realized that a lot of times she knows how to do things but choses not to do them.. just with me because she has a lot of trust issues with women.

Ahh the good times:) Taking it day by day!!


Pam said...

We were rooting for TW, too!

A date night....NICE!

mom2eliza said...

Jean, I'm laughing over this post. We were so pulling for Tom Watson too. What a great match to watch. And the date night, many phone calls and wanting to fire the babysitter is our scenario exactly! Oy! Right there with you. Enjoy the bike riding; good for the soul. I applaud your HS efforts and trying to gauge your daughter's academic level. I might be there myself since I'm not sure if Ava will be in 1st grade or not?! Keep the faith during this slow journey to your 2 newest daughters. Thoughts are with you.