Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hey... You... Can you help me? I've been sitting in this dryer for 5 days now... could you please fold me?

Yes, it is a busy summer!! Yes, my laundry often sits in the dryer... and even the washer longer than it should. It seems that everyone wants a piece of me! 

I am homeschooling Sarah about 4 days a week. We had a bit of a lull but she is once again taking off in Math and Reading!! It is a slow but steady process! 

The Big Kids are coming and going! I feel very blessed but busy! Our darling daughter Kate will be moving home soon. She is trying to act excited but truthfully this is a very hard time for her. She has loved college and has done very well. She is a hard worker BUT she knows how to enjoy herself! Now she will be back home and preparing herself for the "kind of" real world. She has already said that she will be finding her own place asap- I'm okay with that! I mean we will really miss her and Penny in the house BUT we understand.

I bought my sweet husband a tomato plant. He was so excited about it, he loves tomatoes! I used to water the outside plants but I told him that they like to be watered in the morning ( he is a morning person- I am not). The dear man took over watering his beloved tomato plant ... and... the other 12 flower pots in the morning before work. They all love him dearly but my sweet guy didn't seem to notice that all the wonderful little green tomatoes have... disappeared?? What a bummer- okay I did find 3 little ones BUT what about the other 8 that have vanished- any clues? I don't think it was our dogs, they would have wrestled it to the ground and had a good ole time. I am wondering about deer? raccoons? the bunnies would have really had to reach? Any thoughts on who the culprit may have been? We are thinking we may have to hit the farmers market in August! 


Lori said...

Laundry? You are doing laundry in the summer...?? I thought we got time off during the warm months. Well, that explains the colorful mountain in my laundry room.

Oh and your tomato plant...hmmm, it was likely a hungry animal like a deer. Next time plant it in your washer or dryer where there's not a lot of action or threat. Hee!

Jboo said...

Funny -- the clothes sitting in my dryer are saying the same thing. Think they are so beyond wrinkled now that I am going to have to wash them again. Oh well! Sorry to hear about the tomatoes -- bunnies, I think!


Laura L. said...

Yes, I too, have laundry sitting in my dryer right now. :)

I have had deer eat my little green tomatoes. They just came without asking and lopped off entire clumps of them. In our case, I know it was deer. The plant was too tall for bunnies.
Next time, I'll probably grow them on the deck. Unless the deer climb stairs, they'll be out of luck. :)

Thank you so much for your sweet words about Kaitlyn's wedding photos.

a Tonggu Momma said...

You crack me up! Beware of that laundry situation. I've heard (cough, cough, blush) that it can lead to some embarrassing situations.

(And if you don't know to what I'm referring, ask around. I'm sure someone will enlighten you. Ahem.)

Nancy said...

My clothes sometimes sit in the washing machine for so long that I have to wash them again. :( And I am an empty nester with no excuses.