Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An international spy vs the real thing?

Just in case you've ever wondered if an international spy has moved in and stole my identity- here is how you would be able to tell-

1. Are there typos?? If so ;-) it's me!!
Yes I type with 2 fingers from each hand- every movement is incorrect- it is pure luck that even some words are typed correctly. If you were to watch me it would be a painful experience for you! Maybe someday I will learn to type correctly but then again maybe not!

2. Are there misspelled words? If so... in every post? then it is me! My dear friend Lori has ever so gently encouraged me to awwww maybe use firefox because it is so helpful with misspelling- which I probably just misspelled ;-)

3. Is it a profound intellectual post- sorry, it is the international spy- I am not capable of profound or anything intellectual! Well, on second thought, I guess it could be my hubby- he is more of the intellectual type than little old me!

4. Does it mention that I love to cook and am a good cook- definitely an impostor. So sorry- wish it was me!

5. IF it has anything about loving our Lord, loving children and being passionate about adoption- it's me!!

Well that's all for now- I am going to bed! However I do wake up at 3:00-3:30 EVERY night- arghhhh and generally am up for 1-2 hours after that. So if you want to chat at that time just let me know!! Know doubt I will wake up and wonder why did I even post this post! So if it magically disappears- you'll know why! 3:30 a.m. delete!

Have a good night sleep! Bless you!


Hezra said...

Awww, don't delete. I am amazed-- I am always up at that hr too. Sometimes I am looking for a less crowded bed, sometimes I am prompted to pray. But mostly I think I just can't stop my brain and my "to do" lists long enough. Thanks for the post today. I appreciate it. Have a good night.

Lori said...

Jean, that was hilarious!! And NO, I wasn't hinting about your spelling when I suggested using Firefox! Ha!! It is very helpful though! :)

You are such a sweetheart and the things that you are most passionate about, are the MOST important, Jesus, family and adoption. None of those other things even matter when we consider eternity. Your priorities seem to be right on target! :)

Oh, but imagining you typing with two fingers does make me squirm a bit. Heehee.

Love you!

Nancy said...

I like this post, don't delete! I just got up, and it's 11:00 am. Maybe you should call me at 3:00 am and tell me to go to bed, ok?

Janet said...

I can't believe you think that clearly at 3am. I just typed this, went to change user name and lost it--can't even thing straight at 3pm.
Anyway--I think I said--Good thoughts! If a spy or alien took over our body, what would people notice?? That a Christ-likeness was no longer there, or that we were not as crabby, or didn't grumble and complain as much? Would the spy takeover make us better or worse? What ARE we doing and how are we acting, that we want people to notice, that will show them we are set apart. See- you were being deep and intellectual and did not even know it!! Janet

a Tonggu Momma said...

Are you on the east coast? If so, I'll keep that in mind... I am often up at that hour, too.

And you are hysterical.