Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meeting our bloggy friends! Part 1

Gracie, Selah, Anna and Sarah!

The Moms!

Sarah was very impressed at how good Selah was on the monkey bars! Sarah can now do 3 at a time!!
When Selah came home she did not have upper body strength either. She has developed it since she has been home!

The first family we met were the Opp Family! I met Gayle through our "Journey to Me" journals. She is an awesome Jesus loving, adoption loving mom!! Her hubby Curtis was there too- he is wonderful and our hubbies enjoyed chatting! They have 3 bio kids and have adopted 2 daughters from China. Gracie was first- she is now 2 years old and she is adorable! Gracie has already had a few serious heart surgeries so keep her in you prayers- there will be more surgeries in her future. Their second adoption was Selah- she came home at 7 yrs old about 5 months before our Sarah. They have a beautiful family so please check out their BLOG
 ! Gayle is a beautiful writer!!

We met at a park- and they are the nicest people! It is so great to connect especially when we have so much in common! The older child adoption issue is an instant bond!! Their 10 yr old daughter Brueklyn was there too, but now I realize I didn't get her in any of my pics- bummer. Their boys had made other plans and couldn't make it.

Happy 4th of July !!


Nicole A. said...

Happy Fourth of July! So nice to see the pics; we follow the Opp blog, too.

I hope y'all know how helpful and inspirational you are to those of us just beginning the adoption journey! We have three (bio) kiddos and have been on the slow(est) road to China SN adoption for a little while now. I just love and so much appreciate blogs about real families living real lives with their big, beautiful families!

So many people in our lives think we are (more than) a little bit crazy to want to add to our family, and by adoption, and by SN adoption! They don't get it, and it is so nice to read about families who really do get it! Thank you!

Have a lovely Fourth of July!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Mom Of Many said...

Oh you lucky-duck...meeting the entire Opp fun!! And I wanted to thank you for the bags of treats you left for each Liberty and Isaiah. They had so much fun with them and I even eeked a couple of starburst out of Liberty (Isaiah was asleep or he would have shared too - I'll get some of his tomorrow)...Thank you for being so kind and generous...You are my sweet sister and I love you!! xo

Mom Of Many said...

PS Sending love from Kearney, Nebraska!!

Jboo said...

What a special time you all had! So wonderful for you all to meet. Fun photos! My girl would love those monkey bars too! Have a great week.