Sunday, July 26, 2009

She's Back!! For a moment that is!

Guess who drove this monster home?

Little Katie drove this beast of a truck home from Iowa City today! IT WAS NOT FILLED!! Praise the Lord! It was the only truck she could get for the weekend and they didn't charge her extra. It is a 26 footer- OH MY! I am just thankful she got home okay in that thing!

Our little girl (and her best friend that followed her home) dropped off her stuff, returned the truck to the nearest U-Haul place, ate dinner and left in seconds flat- back to Iowa! Do ya think maybe she's having a hard time parting with her college town? Ya, me too! Well now we have her stuff and her dog, Penny - she will return in 2 weeks, kinda, maybe for good? We will see?


Jill said...

She drove that thing?? WOW, she's brave! I would have killed someone or myself!
Hugs, Jill

TanyaLea said...

WOWZA! ...she's a brave soul driving that big tank of a truck! I would've been scared out of my witts! ;o) Glad she made it safely home w/out incident...and even better that her friend was following close by!! :)

Blessings and Hugs,

a Tonggu Momma said...

Wait... you mean they don't leave for good when they're off to college??!?!! Notice how I'm conveniently forgetting the year I spent in my parent's home after graduation. Oh, and - er - the six months I spent there again right before I married the husband.

(Oh, and I was just teasing. I know you're so excited to have her home!)

Jboo said...

Wow -- she's brave to have driven such a monster truck!! It will be nice for the rest of you to have her home for a while, I'm sure, even though it may be a little difficult for her. Have a good week.


David and Sarah said...

Wow! That's quite a feat, driving that truck!

Glad she'll be back again soon.


Lori said...

Bahahaha!! That little tiny girl drove that big cruise ship home? Too funny!