Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank you!!

Recently I have been the lucky/ blessed recipient of two wonderful gifts! 

Hezra sent me an awesome poppy red dish clothe. Because it was so pretty I had a hard time using it BUT yesterday I decided I needed to stop saving it! That pretty dish cloth was used to wipe down the kitchen counters 3 times today and believe me it was a tough job... each time! It looked as great after the dirty work as it did before! The great thing is it dry fast, too, and is ready t go again! 

I also received a wonderful bar of soap made from goats milk and a book mark from my BFF (Bloggy Friend Forever) Sally. The soap smells delicious! I could take a bite out of it (milk and honey) BUT don't worry, I won't! 

Thank you Ladies for your kindness! These thoughtful gifts were such a day maker. Before that I was feeling especially blah. I decided I needed to pray my way through the day. I must say that, this wonderful God of ours is incredible. He allowed me to see through my blahness and feel his joy in our wonderful children! Prayer helped me to see more clearly all that I am so thankful for- God is so good! 

Later in the day I visited a few blogs- it is so nice to be able to catch up with bloggy friends! One blog in particular stands out- if you haven't visited this blog please do! Patricia is an incredible writer, composer and photographer! Her music is so beautiful and relaxing! All her posts are wonderful but do check out this post My Utmost for His Highest- June 17
She took quotes from Oswald Chamber- I actually jotted them down and talked about them with hubby in the evening.

She also said in her blog- which I thought was so elegantly put - "I often by choice find myself a bystander... observing and relishing in my children."

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soontobemomof9 said...

Hello new friend! I enjoyed your blog, I will follow along as well. I am excited to hear more about your newest journey!

** I borrowed your poem "I would gather children!" I love it! Thanks. :)