Friday, July 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday- July 9th

This is a picture of random people in China! (wink)

I know I'm a bit late for thankful thursday but I'm thinking it's okay. It's summer and the days seem to be blurring together a bit.

I'm sorry that for some by blog is unreadable- it's kind of ironic because those that I'm apologizing too can't read the apology! I am intending to have our oldest son help me out and get this fixed. The to do list is a little long right now so I'm not sure when we will get to it??

Yesterday in the mail I received a wonderful gift! The family that was their when our two daughters from China where getting their pictures taken sent us a DVD with 10 pics and a video! I have not been able to open the video but again plan to ask my techy boys to help me out. The pictures are so wonderful. I just can't believe we have these!

I am so very thankful for our kids that can help us with our technical difficulties!! I am not sure what we would do without their help!!
I am so thankful for pictures that arrived this week of our darling daughters in China!
I am thankful that Dw and Linn are home with their family!
I am thankful for LOA's that have arrived for Lori and Linn (and family)!

We had our homestudy visit with our social worker this week! I am so thankful that the process is getting going!! She said we would have a rough draft of our homestudy next week! Thank you Jesus!!

I am so thankful for having met 4 special bloggy friends! They are incredible people and I am thankful to have them in my life- even though we have distance between us- they and you are such a support! I look forward to meeting more!!

I am thankful for the blogs that I read that encourage me spiritually - if they encourage me I can only assume they are encouraging so many others!!

Thank you Jesus for this semi crazy, but fun, and encouraging bloggy world!!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...



Anonymous said...

1st you are an inspiration to me as I read your blog! You are a warm and loving person and it shows in what you say and do.!

2nd. The "random" picture is adorable and whoever those girls are look so precious and beautiful from what I can see!!!


Chris said...

Looks like braiding is in your future!
I read your blog first this afternoon looks like there is a lot of good news out there Thank you Jesus!

Nancy said...

All I have to say about the photo is "Wow"! Can't wait.

Lori said...

What the love *random* picture of some beautiful *random* girls!! PRECIOUS!!

Mandi said...

I love the pictures of the "random" girls. Too bad we can't see their beautiful faces. Soon, I hope,


David and Sarah said...

Hey! I can read your blog today. Did you do something different?

Beautiful, incredible picture!!!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Right back at ya!!! Love your blog(s)! You too are an inspiration to many. I am so happy you are getting so many pictures and videos of the girls. I am over the top excited for you!!!

Janet and Kevin said...


What a blessing to get a "random" picture or two!! Also, I loved your comment on our blog the other day.

We probably are around the same age. Isn't it wonderful that we are not going into our "older" years as empty-nesters? What blessings God is showering on us as we open our hearts to His leading!!

Just this past Thursday God performed a miracle in our newest adoption. I have really bad fingerprints, so when it came time to do the CIS process last time, it took 3 MONTHS to get through because of all of the times I had to return to their office.

We don't have 3 months this time. Our time runs out on August 27th if we don't have everything in to China. You can imagine how we were a little worried when we went for fingerprints last Tuesday to begin the CIS process. Well, God had other plans.

IT ONLY TOOK 2 DAYS TO GET APPROVAL!! Wow! Eli, here we come!

Blessings to your family as you work your way toward these precious new daughters.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Pam said...

So glad you posted that picture of those "random" people in China! The girls in red are especially beautiful! Sooooo excited for you guys!

Janet said...

OHHHH! I am always excited to see random pictures of CHina, so beautiful! I've been waiting for something like this=). Janet